Hard day

Theres no coffee in jar..a bad start already. I need a heavy dose of caffeine to start the day.

Then went to gym..gave up within 15 minutes. My feet weighed tons.

I knew somethings wrong but couldnt tell what.

It felt like a domino effect and i didnt know where it started.

Came back. Called sam. I said i think im falling into depression again. Talked for a little while then i couldnt even talk!! This doesn’t happen.

Well. Since then i am just burried in bed eating something or other. Constantly hungry.

Maybe i slept a little too.

Sent a few invites but then couldnt do that too.

After trying hard to fight the unknown feeling it finally hit me.

Today is mother’s day. 1st without mom.

Everything 1st without her just mentally cripples me.

Even worse when u can’t share this feeling with your closest firends as they have lost theirs too.


I am switching off comments for this post as every word everything is serving as a trigger.

Had to let it out

I will try to sleep through the day.

hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Thanks for listening.


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