I read it and I am smiling every time I think I have to fit “slight” in a post.

Well I am watching “the dark knight” on the side..nothing Slight there even.

I don’t remember a moment when I saw, read, heard, or felt anything that can be described with this word.

And it’s okay really.

I am sort of immune to it actually.

Ever seen somebody get panicked/scared/nervous and start laughing…this happens to me a lot!

I control it in front of my non-friends people…

Friends….they have seen my worse so they don’t get worried when this happens.

There is a line in this movie “I believe, whatever doesn’t kill you, simply makes you…’stranger’“

Famously having stronger in place of stranger.

The thing is..when an incident that have every reason and potential to cost you your life takes away something from you when it spares your life..that’s fear.

The fear of loss.

Because you are not really left with a lot to lose.

It’s liberating.

That’s just one of the perks of having a life brimming with non-slightly events.

A point comes when you lose your anchor.

You know you are drifting away but you know it’s only you who have to fight for survival…only for yourself.


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