Avalanche of Rants!

I want to talk about alot of things at once. So here comes another avalanche of rants!

I started something by the end of April. The whole initiative was triggered by a personal incident. A loved one of mine fell into dark deep bottomless pit of mental illness.

I am not mentioning alot of details and I might neutralize my blog before I take this initiative outside blogosphere.

It sounds like a stupid move for me at times as this is one place where I have been venting blindly.

But then its worth it.

It is! I just know that.

Now the thing is. The approach I had was to pick a disorder. Search blogs. Read them a little. Send invites and then wait for them to comment. All of this isn’t that easy.

On a side note if anybody thinks its some sort of trick to get following, let me break it to you I was getting follows on a faster pace when I was just doing my thing. So it’s nothing like that.


Here’s the thing.

Reading what people have been going through is an emotionally draining process. It started taking a toll within first few days. So now I try to distract myself in between.

Mother’s day I spent running in a non-stop circle of eating… then sleeping… then eating… then sleeping.. it was a very difficult day but I just knew I have to fight (or sleep) through it.

Next day was ok.

I am working on an author’s note on the side that I will tell my friends to publish with the link to MHA post.

It’s a crucial part of the whole thing.

Let me explain how.

A point came when I thought maybe I could form a facebook group or page to reach out to more people.

But then I said NOOOO!!!

Facebook is a fast way to reach bigger audience but the people who have joined in to help us with this initiative must have mustered up courage to open up about something so personal. People on wordpress are generally very compassionate and less judgement.

I have been through shit since I came up with the blog and I think it was this place that’s helped me 95% of the times from going insane completely.

World outside isn’t fair..anyone telling you otherwise is trying to sell you something (heard it yesterday in “the princess bride”)

I literally got scared when I imagined what could the consequences be.

Maybe I am being too protective but it’s fine.

It’s all about caring sharing educating helping…it’s not about number of people.

I have chosen my 4 very trusted friends so far. I am well aware of their circles. Still I am actually nervous.

I planned to start circulating by 15th May but I have a few disorders left to search I want to cover those too before going live (sounded like a channel right?)

I will continue to do this. Not at this pace but every now and then I will keep looking.

The link to that post will be a permanent part of the footer of my posts, InshAllah

You know actually a point came in these day when I was having this sinking feeling that… am I doing right??

This strange self-doubt that shreds your confidence.

But then I said ok..nothing can go wrong here..

Nothing should go wrong if you have good intension..again life isn’t fair but at least we shouldn’t stop trying to do something that’s going to be helpful for everyone.

After the incident in my family we have to face a very harsh reality.

Mental health problems run in one side of my family.

We have seen 3 severe cases of very close people from 2 generations above us. And we have lost 2 of them to this demon. One Suicide. Other nobody knows. All of this has happened within one and a half year.

Doctors have already told us.

Scary part, the age when it hits us is reducing with every generation.

We all are actually thankful that we got to know. Me, siblings cousins we are generally labeled short-tempered people.

Now we all are being very proactive about it.

As the trend goes..it’s like anxiety boiling and bubbling inside until a point comes with it explodes into a serious mental illness.

So far we haven’t had such a case in our generation, we have doubt on one of us and her parents are already working on it.

So it’s good that we know on time so that we can take care of ourselves and be aware of our mental and emotional state.

This world is such a crazy place. Everywhere I see, I just see unfair.

It’s not about me only.

You save yourself from the alligators and you bump into wolves.

Not meaning to sound all negative here. But can we shut our eyes and live like that??

You can’t really run away from every situation.

But we can still try to save ourselves and others if possible.

And for that we need to know what going on within us.

When I try to explain people about mental health I get to hear most ridiculous statements.

I remember telling someone I was suicidal and all I heard was “ok”



How does that become ok?? What if I didn’t know what was happening and didn’t ask for help??

Now these are the situations that keep me going. Trying anything I can to educate people.

I asked someone “was it hypomania or mania?”

I heard “don’t throw jargons on us, doctors know what they are doing we don’t have to know”

Why don’t we have to know??

What if we are next?? Then wouldn’t you wanna know??

Sometimes I lose strength to argue..actually I lose it all the time.

Now I give up. I can’t spoon-feed common sense, care, compassion.

Some people are all too happy in staying rigid illiterate idiots holding prestigious qualifications that sadly failed to clean their heads of vain stupid attitude.

Ok now I am getting a little upset I will go eat something.

Thanks for reading guys.


Kindly visit my post Warriors Invited To Raise Mental Health Awareness where I am inviting Mental Health Warriors to submit their blog’s address so that we can join hands to control this wildfire.

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14 thoughts on “Avalanche of Rants!

Add yours

  1. It’s a great idea to find supporters and people needing support via your blog. I can’t think of a single family who isn’t touched in some way by a mental health crisis at some point in their lives. I think it is part of our human experience. Best way forward is honesty, acceptance, support, sharing, caring, and if you’re a writer and a blogger, what better fit than to write on the blogosphere, and invite others to share?

    Best wishes

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  2. The thing with mental illness is that for the most part it is invisible. With many physical illnesses, there are signs, from a cough and a sneeze to a tumor. Mental illness lacks such hallmarks, so for those not living with it, it’s “out of sight, out of mind.” Yet mental illness can have the inconvenience of a cold or be as pervasive as cancer.

    So long as your quoting Princess Bride, I can imagine Count Rugen asking you as you work on your project: “And remember, this is for posterity, so be honest. How do you feel?”

    I know it’s hard, but you’re doing a good thing. Keep going. I will stand with you.

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    1. Thank you so much 🙂
      Actually its emotionally draining. I cant explain what i go through when i read all these stories anf many more. I send an average of 70 to 100 invites everyday.

      All i think is..how? Why?? Its not fair.

      And then i think of my dad and it breaks me completely.

      Today only i was telling my friends sometimes i ask myself ‘is it even worth it’

      But then i think you have to start somehwere..

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  3. It is a great idea and you are being very careful in the steps you are taking. Cautious is the best way. You are right to keep it to WordPress the people here are more caring, and you will attract like minded people through this medium. Facebook can be very hard to handle the people are more fickle and join groups for the sake you can get all sorts of adverts posting in your group. You are doing a much needed advice service. Take care, rest and eat healthily. Bless you.

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  4. Thank you for keeping me tuned in what is going on out there in your world. Good to know these things. Ugh, I don’t have a proper advice or words of comfort to this Alyana. I keep telling you that you will push through this, survive it and be very strong for others and there it is, a minor things setting you off and here you are at the beginning. I really don’t know what to say anymore. Try everything you can to resolve this thing once and for all. Godspeed Commander.

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    1. you belong to a comparatively peaceful culture I keep telling you that. its a chaos here. and we are so used to it that sometimes I doubt we wont be able to survive a peaceful place.

      you are actually right and resolving everything is the ultimate goal always running in my head no matter what I do.

      its life. its ok. such this keep happening.

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  5. Sorry for the delayed response! I’d love to help you with this project! For a little bit of background on me… I was diagnosed with Bipolar 1 about 20 years ago. I’ve been in and out of hospitals more than 10 times with stays of up to 2 months. I’ve been depressed years at a time… >.< I'm doing well now though. 🙂
    I actually have a startup I'm working on to help people with bipolar (and eventually other mental illnesses) and their family and friends. The basic idea is combining daily tracking, with a professional concierge and helping a person manage their personal support network (friends, family, etc.) I'd also like to get peer support thrown in there as well. I'm essentially building the thing I need, and would have needed, to keep me out of the hospitals!
    I really and truly want to help you with this project. You're clearly putting in a lot of work! I have a virtual assistant who could help you manage and organize the information. I think a Facebook group could be cool if you limit it to people that you vet through their WordPress blogs. A Facebook page could be cool too.
    Maybe you could find some "ambassadors" for each illness (since you're covering them all!) I, for example, would love to be a Bipolar 1 ambassador. I'm just throwing around ideas.
    Here's an example of the "status report" I've come up with to monitor my mood/energy levels. It lets my friends and family know how I'm doing each day. It's been working out really well!
    Anyhow… let me know if there's anything I can do to help! You contacted me on the blog I setup to collect information about bipolar disorder (BeingBipolar.org). This is my personal blog account.

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    1. Its all right.
      Thats alot of suggestions and they sound actually helpful.
      Right now everything is in infancy and honestly i didnt know i will get this kind of response. Right now i am not thinking alot about what to do in distant future with this effort.
      I am concentrating on this stage only or i will collapse..its very emotionaly draining and actually it hurts to go through so many people’s stories dealing with so much.
      I am taking one step at a time.
      And my major concern right now is not numbers at all. Its more safety and well being of people who are joining. World out there can be cruel and we all are sensitive so i need a very carefully drafted plan if i want to expand it.
      You seem to have thorough research on the subject and your suggestion are practical too.
      Thanks alot for sharing with us it means alot. Alot really.
      I saw thw status report too..its good way to track and be aware of your own state.
      Great ideas and work 🙂


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