So this super renound neurosurgeon lost my mri cd and instead of telling me they kept on dodging my calls for good 20 days!!!

Now when i email him my surgery is on hold because we are waiting for his opinion he replied me he can’t find my cd unfortunately.

Unfortunately?? Sir you lost it. And wasted 20 days,count it a month as i have to get new cd maybe new surgeon.

At least he could have told me.

Why are people so pethatic?

I chase them every day. Its my morning ritual.

Im so so pissed. Why simplest things have to get complecated for me.

My head will explode.


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40 thoughts on “Pissed

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    1. Compensate?? I am literally going mad here and that doctor isn’t even bothered. Now i am chasing 2 hospitals and a lab.
      It was just an opinion. At least my brain is working enough to chase them still.
      Once you get sick you are just helpless in front of heathcare system overall

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  1. I’d be sarcastic with them and keep rubbing it in their dumb face.”I’d play you something, but you LOST MY CD” “Oh well, good thing you know you lost it. It’s not like YOU WASTED 20 DAYS OF MY LIFE.” “I see you got a lot of CD players here, too BAD YOU DON?T HAVE A CD TO PUT IT IN.” “Hey doctor, do you like hip-hop? Because my CD WAS FIREEEE it COM-BUSTED ITSELF.” “Hey, surgeon, I recently went to a self help program with a lot of musicians and I wrote a song, you want to hear it? It is called I LOST THE MRI CD.”

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      1. Maybe, or I could make your time run faster until the damn surgery. That would’ve been helpful too, I hope. At least you’d be laughing all the way to the operation table. ๐Ÿ˜€

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