A little speech πŸ™‚

I am giving a lot of speeches these days. this one is a thank you speech.

I will start circulating today. So I have added following part in MHA post:

I started this whole thing on a whim and the way you guys came forward to help is overwhelming. This post looks like a mini support group now for which again I am grateful for each one of you who joined in. It’s been a humbling experience overall.

Today I will start circulating through my trusted 2-3 friends outside blogosphere. I urge you share this post too.

And I would highly appreciate and recommend you reach out to each other too. That’s what helps the most at any given day.

I wont stop this effort here. I will continue to send invites, gather more fighters on random basis and keep on adding them here as long as I have energy.

Thanks a lot everyone for helping me through this. Your support and appreciate means the world to me. πŸ™‚


Again I request you share MHA post on your social media network so that it reaches more people. Feel free to attach author’s note for clarity while sharing.

Thanks a lot guys for everything. I am really out of words here.

Just..thanks for everything πŸ™‚

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7 thoughts on “A little speech πŸ™‚

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  1. Nice to see what you are saying in the community. As a psychotherapist, I say a lot about mental health in the community. But I can relate to not having too many people outside or inside of blogsphere. I consider myself a writer who writes so he does not need to have friends. Seeing you do this and have followers is helping me rethink my stink. I find it inspirational. I appreciate you reaching out eariler this month.

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    1. Actually my blog is not a mental health blog. I just do my thing here. Writing poetry arts etc..
      I was just struck my this problem on a personal level so i started this project end of last month only. Exactly on 27th aprl.

      The following on my blog is from my own content. The stats for this month were lower than the rest as it took alot of effort to read random blogs and sending them invites covering all the disorders i knew of.

      For following reaching out is the key. I have seen amazing writers with just a few followers. You really have to engage in the blogging community for following.

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    1. Dont ask Beckie. I will be needing a long rest. These 25 26 days have been so hard emotionally.
      Reading what so many people are going through.
      Alot of invites must be lying in spam fielders so maybe they will join later.
      It was a lot. I just hope people each out to each other too.

      Thanks alot for the help and support on every step πŸ€—xx

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