Devil’s Doppelgänger

Charcoal pencils are Doppelgänger of some extremely assholish devil!!

I was trying hard to get my shit togather and looking for something to mellow down the absurd bitterness that was gnawing on me inside.

The method i chose for myself turned out to be barbarous though.

I went on to sharpen my charcoal pencil.

You can’t do that with normal sharpener so you peel it with a knife/blade and then sharpen the lead on rubbing its lead on sand paper.

I know..such a horrible way of sabotaging your almost non-existent peace.

Well. I had to kill time before I would kill anyone.

I peeled the wood..and…after labouring for good 10 to 15 minutes..THE LEAD BROKE!!!

Can you believe that?

I was literally going to throw the pencil and it’s broken ass out of the window and jump after it!

So frustrating.

Then i!

I won’t let this accident take my life.. i can’t let this little peace of shit conquer my sanity and turn it into ashes…(how dramatic)

So..i fixed it..


Funny right??

I taped it.

How does it look??


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30 thoughts on “Devil’s Doppelgänger

Add yours

      1. I am a confused mess. one moment I am sad and next moment I will be jumping everywhere.
        and I cant tell what I am about to feel.
        I love interacting with you too. you are very supporting and encouraging 🙂


      2. Awe, thanks. Emotions can be overwhelming, and the highs and lows are tough, like the rollercoaster snicker snicker, but, when it evens out, and it will, you’ll feel a whole lot different.

        Liked by 1 person

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