How to finish a book?? Help!!

Throw all the motivation quotes in a blender and give resulting conconction to me.

I need to finish the 3 books i started reading and i am literally stuck on them.

It’s been at least 7 months and i am reading at staggering speed of 5 alphabets a week!!

I mean..i am not that slow!

I just find it so hard to commit to a book these days. I was going to start 4th one but then that would make me feel like an even bigger loser.

How do you guys deal with this crisis??

How to finish a book?

It’s bothering me now.

I am already planning a book finishing Ceremony for all 3 of them.

I was looking for a feature image and saw this quote..

So beautiful.. i am lost..

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28 thoughts on “How to finish a book?? Help!!

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  1. I agree with Sheryl. Maybe you just aren’t into some of them. Excellent writing is one thing, but if the work doesn’t hold your attention maybe it isn’t the book for you!

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  2. I’m the worst for advice on this I have… five on the go right now. I enjoy having multiple stories going on at once, the option to visit other worlds at my whim. I guess the question is are the books worth finishing? What is holding you back? My only advice is to buckle down and finish at least one of them. There is no magic solution, just willpower and the wisdom to know if a book is just not working for you and you need to abandon ship.

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    1. 5?? Ahah and here i was crying on 3.. 😆
      There are book that i have abandoned as clearly they were consuming time doing nothing for me.
      These 3 are going great. I like the story. Just getting stuck.
      Thats exactly what im doing. I have picked one and i am trying to finish by tomorow.

      Thanks a lot 🙂

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      1. Yeah, I have a problem. I finished one yesterday and you would think I’d be satisfied to be down to four… But, my greedy brain got all excited and before I knew it I had another purchased and on the go. Good luck weedling your pile down, the struggle is real.

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  3. I have to read quite a while before I pick up on the writer’s style. Once that happens, the book itself becomes its own world for me. I’m lost to the real world at that point. It’s almost a meditative state. That said- I’m also easily distracted and I find it easier to read when the outside world quiets down, too. Unfortunately, that makes it hard to get up for work the next day. Sometimes there’s an urge to not finish something, because there is a sense of loss that what you were doing is now over. Being aware of this helps us to celebrate the completion of whatever it is- a book maybe- and look forward to new beginnings. Good luck! p.s.- I’m new at blogging. It’d be great if you could follow my blog and maybe leave a few comments-; thx!

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    1. I agree with the first line to an extend. but there are books that tied me from the first few word. so this fluctuates for me.
      reading is indeed meditative.
      that happens to me too. I get distracted too.

      oh. I just want to finish it be it book or art. I dont have that fear os loss.
      thank you so elaborate comment.

      I just checked and followed your blog.

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  4. Oh, can’t help you at all. I churn through books, and if I don’t it gets left. Nothing compels me to finish a book if I get stuck part of the way through it. Good luck though. I hope someone drops a pearl of wisdom on you!


  5. Tell me about It! I’m constantly doing it. So last month I said ‘enough is enough’ to myself. Then I made some time …like saying ‘No to tv, laptop and phone for one or two days…(only minimum use) and bravo it got finished. It was the best feeling! To complete a book within a few days is more fun. You read it in a flow and in one go. Such a luxury.
    Now im stuck in my next book! As you say… all the books are too interesting to let go. Actually it is the smart phone which is the biggest culprit. That is what I feel. It has jilled that habit of bed time reading. Ok. I’ll do it again with this Mindset book In reading by Carol Dweck. Best of luck to you and me. 😊

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    1. you just hit the bull’s eye. actually blogging requires a lot of reading itself. everyday I slim through tons of blogs literally so I dont really get time and focus for the book.

      I forced myself a little to stick to the book and managed to travel almost midway. so that’s exactly what I am going to do now. tone down the other distractions for a while.

      thanks 😊

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  6. If I don’t like the book, I don’t feel the least bit bad about not finishing it. Life’s too short for bad, boring, or even mediocre books. If the book is good, I have no problem finishing it in a timely fashion. One way to avoid this dilemma might be not to start a book until you’ve finished your current one. If you must have more than one book going at a time, I’d recommend different genres (fiction & nonfiction) or different formats (book & audiobook, etc.). Good luck!

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    1. there I made a major mistake. I am reading the trial by Kafka. its a good book but I starting 2 more, God knows why. so got stuck on all 3.
      now I m finishing this only.
      thank you 🙂
      I like your analysis on books they are elaborate and honest.

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