Broken Apologies

Words unsaid

Tears never shed

Hidden in the dark

Silently, my fears bled

Nothing haunts peace

More than surrenders, i regret

Every scar screams for mercy

As my meager pleas go unread

I submerged my soul

In the pool of boiling lead

It’s unbelievable though

How the time sped

With every passing second

My sanity fled

I am dying to apologize

For the decisions i dread

But who do i say sorry to

Who do i behead

When i am the demon

Who tore my poor life .. shred by shred..

Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved


38 thoughts on “Broken Apologies

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      1. Me, being the reader can relate to words unsaid, tears never shed, hidden in the dark, silently my fears bled. Probably not the same reason you wrote about. Reading your poem took me to a dark place. Memories instilled forever. Emotional.

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      1. ahahah thats what I believe now.
        but we shouldn’t stop trying.
        and never stop hoping that things can be fixed.

        I tell my friends 1 thing. even if I get 4 more days to live, I will never stop looking forward to those 4 days. and I will keep trying.

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