Goodbye Weekly Photography Challenge..

First of all..I am not going anywhere..It’s weekly photography challenge that’s closing it’s doors..

Now to the post..

This is my last submission for WPC and it hurts to say goodbye to this one too.

I already haven’t come to terms with the loss of daily prompts..I will, but not yet.

I wanted to share a picture of my parents strolling casually holding hand. they always held hands for Pakistani couple it’s rare but in 32 years of their marriage whenever they were out somewhere traveling they always held hands. for privacy reasons I can’t share that picture. I wish I could. Maybe I will some day.

So I am sharing few pics that I like. again there might be repetition but for that’s just unavoidable.

Hope we all keep reaching out to each other and try to keep this community intact.

just another sunset
Shaikh Zaid Mosque, Abu Dhabi
could watch it all day, literally!
Sharjah Corniche

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65 thoughts on “Goodbye Weekly Photography Challenge..

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      1. I saw the original post title in my email, but I knew what you meant since the loss of the prompts has been ongoing since they dropped the bomb on us.

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  1. My husband and I hold hands while we are out, and I enjoy it. I was paid a weird compliment once by my father in law. He said he was kind of jealous of the relationship my husband and I had. This, coming from a person that had been married for…. 39 years. Like I said, it was an odd compliment. And kind of sad at the same time. Nice pictures by the way. Maybe you can crop the picture of your parents holding hands? Like without their faces? Just a thought. It could be a beautiful picture.


      1. Mine would be too. After a certain age you expect life to be of ease and not to face these issues. But he will be proud seeing that you’re more tough than him.

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      2. Passing out, Crying and everything else doesn’t make you weak Stoner. It’s society Bullshit excuse just like the excuse of men should be tough, and whatnot. You’re tough, half the people wouldn’t have survived what you did. So kick the door down, literally and I’m not telling you to laugh or show that you’re happy (or sad) for the matter. Just be Stoner.

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      3. I won’t get a visa. You’ve to declare why you would want to go there. In Dubai it’s easy to get a tourist one. Half the South Asian population do visit the shores regularly. That’s why I said no offence.


      4. I wasn’t talking about Dubai. I was talking about your home country. That’s why I said I would rather meet you in Dubai. Take care Stoner and don’t starve.

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  2. I guess I really was out of touch. It is sad that WordPress has ended these prompts. I have discovered so many wonderful bloggers through the prompts and others have found mine. I guess we’ll have to find other ways to connect with new people.


      1. So true. And I have been in dire need of a prompt lately. I’ve only really posted about my diet efforts. I feel that my blog needs more variety again. I feel a little boring lately.


      2. we all have those days. I had a frustrated month. so much happening so fast. I am so glad to see you here.
        dont worry about content and all just do what makes you happy we all are already following each other so even after prompt gone we will stay in touch. I followed most of people from grid the rest I will do. just a little too busy these days

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  3. You were clever to start with a statement that you’re not quitting, most who read mine thought I was! We’ll find a way to stay connected I’m sure. Enjoyed your post!


    1. Same happened here as well. The post was titled goodbye WPC and it had to be changed within minutes. And i had to add the statement.
      Few of friends are already hosting prompts. We will sure find a way. 🙂
      I am glad you enjoyed. Thanks


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