Simple #FOWC

I just tossed “simple” out of the window.

I saw the prompt and i started trying to embed it in anything and everything.


Relationships..not at all

Me..from outside only (sometimes doubt that as well maybe weird/awkward fits better) from inside it’s a like one of those veins network pictures you see on the internet.

I wrote too much about myself right?? See?? Not that simple!

Moving on.

The world.. NO!

So why does it even exist?

Oh i know

When we want to avoid explanation it comes handy then. Even though deep down we are well aware of inconceivable complexity of the situation.

It’s easier. Makes your life comparatively simpler ..oh!

I think i should go out and pick it up before it gets run over by a bus or something.

– Written for Fandango’s one word challenge.

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