The Opposite Sex. – Reblog

This lovely girl shared a chunk of her life with us which would have taken her tons of courage. I am grateful to this mental health fighter from the bottom of my heart.
please do check her blog and efforts towards spreading awareness.


As a teenager, sex was a weird concept to me. I was bullied throughout most of my years at school, the bullies were driven by my goofy appearance. I was a stone or two overweight, had a more than slight overbite. I was so awkward, painfully shy, I’d blush if anyone spoke to me. I wanted desperately to be accepted, especially by males, trying to gain the attention and approval my biological father could not, or would not, give.

In primary school, I learned very quickly that all the boys would do anything to avoid me, like I was a fucking leper. It’s also where I learned that the word ‘goofy’ would define me and my status among my classmates. I was to be laughed at, not with. It’s probably a little weird I can remember such a small moment with such clarity, but it really stuck with me. I was…

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