Running and rambling..

Ever run in a mall like a headless chicken??

With shopping bags hanging shoulders to wrists..

Holding mini neon sticky notepad and a pencil, your mobile and a wallet literally in hands because you can’t reach your pockets within 2 milliseconds.

If you see this creature anywhere..that’s probably gonna be me??

But have you ever run at an airport??

Done that twice!!

I could literally hear a voice screaming in my head “run for your run!” With ramdom laugh tracks to make me feel worse..

Well yea.. some days are like that..

Thanks to trainers i wouldn’t be able to make it back home on my own legs tonight.

Eid is probably on Friday that is 1st shawwal (next month after ramadan) and since it’s lunar calender we depend on moon sighting. But yea probably friday.

And i am going to have an extremely busy eid this time. So many friends comming over in different batches. All the slots are covered for first 2 days…its crazy.

Then i have to travel for a wedding in imagine!!

And since i am expected to look little like a woman on both occasion i thought ok maybe i should try wearing heels.

Now i don’t wear heels..i can’t. But for 10 kg formal pakistani wears, given that i am short and fat..i better wear heels or am gonna look like a jwelled elephant! No kidding..

Once in my steroid days i got a grey bathrobe for me..and ugly cried for half an hour then literally died laughing when i wore it the first time.. no greys in fat days..lessons learned!

You don’t wanna be looking like an elephant or cannon or tank… or a freaking submarine!!…you get the idea..


In between shopping for home and Eid and family bla bla..i gave heels a chance..i tried a few of those shoes on the rack and…

Well..maybe in next life..

Don’t see myself wearing those in this one.

I only have one pair that i can wear and its a block heel..only that can balance a drum of a woman like me.

Came home tired but my hyper brain..well that doesn’t stop.

So i watched an art critique video on YouTube. Those are very helpful. You learn a lot from those.

I did that after trying the new lipstick i got and staring at myself stupidly in the mirror for at least 15 minutes straight..i mean why and how do i do this??

How can we do something so unbelievably rediculous when you are dog tired and you clearly don’t have time..i mean how?


Rambling over guys.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Running and rambling..

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  1. Sweet ramblings although a chaotic rant.. I totally get u.. I used to wear heels before marriage but stopped when i got pregnant the first time.. Now my body does not adapt to wearing heels as i look almost like a baby struggling to walk when i curiously try in the shop.. Coming to lipstick, i never had that even during my marriage. My hubby gifted me a make up kit on my marriage and i gifted it back to my sister in law when boarding the flight.. I have gifted many make up kits to different persons in my life so far when going back for holidays but never did i dare to try one.. Even during my brothers marriage while every one went to the parlour for grooming sessions, I was naked without makeup.. I imagine you in lehenga now.. Colorful and heavy studded jewelry. Wow.. U should be looking amazing, rite.. But what about your 💇 that u had recent..would u tying your hair or leave it flowing.. Do u speak hindi? I have so many questions for u..

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    1. I don’t really remmeber myself wearing heels and walking normal. I am very picky about shoes the reason i have just a few of them.
      Wow. I don’t really wear make up and all much but i do wear a moisturizer and lipstick. In UAE it’s really dry your skin hurt if not moisturized.
      I don’t know about lehenga i haven’t shopped yet. Planning to don an sari on one of the events. But not sure about that even. I don’t have my fancy clothing here.
      I don’t wear jwelery much. But that depends on the dress. So right now i just don’t know what i am going to wear and all.
      About hair my go to is just straightening and leaving them like that. Lol. Or just leaving hair open and free..i am lazy.
      Yes. I can speak urdu/hindi.

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      1. Saree.. Wow..i would really wish to see u.. I have given a face to you in my mind.. Now let me imagine u in saree, speaking hindi, loitering here and there in the wedding hall. 😁😁😁

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  2. Been there and done quite a few of those things. I had a grey track suit once. At the time I had a newborn and a 2year old. what else but a grey track suit can you wear at a time like that! I enjoyed your ramble. Bit of a trip down memory lane for me. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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