An unsettling experience..

Have you ever felt you can see right through people?

You can read their actual emotions?

When you are sitting on a table full of people perfectly dolled up smiling like they have the best lives.

But strangely you are able to read them.

It’s unsettling.

Thier hidden anger pain some emotions that they are trying hard to conceal and they think they have succeeded to hide.

But when you can actually see it you can see the walls crashing. You can feel they are getting vulnerable as they know you can read them.

They actually avoid eye contact from you.

I can see pain hidden behind a thousand walls. And when i do people actually get to know that i can.

It’s like having a superpower. And it leaves you disturbed and sad.

I had a busy day. Had so many people come over. So there was a lot to do.

But it was this dinner i went out with a big group of friends where i had this experience and it just followed me home.

Now I can’t unsee it.

The sadness in their eyes and they trying to avoid eye contact.

It’s very unsettling.. i can’t sleep


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  1. It’s called being an empath. I totally get it because I am one. That is why it is difficult for me to be in large crowds. I see and feel too much and it drains me and leaves me feeling depressed. I have been dealing with this “gift” all of my life and I still have yet to figure out how to control it, how to use it properly, and/or how to separate what I feel from what other people feel.

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    1. Its like you are in a sea of walking talking emotions. It just gets very uncomfortable at times.
      And then you feel everyone is faking happiness which makes you sick too.
      And it follows you. I really can’t sleep ot got stuck in my head.
      I dont think you can control it

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      1. some people can. or at least that is what I have been told. I think it would require a re-wiring of the brain. I’ve been told that by taking my medication for my mental illness, that lessens my “ability”. I call bullshit. I feel everyone JUST FINE! LOL

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  2. Its something you to learn to live with I guess. I think some people use that ability to manipulate other people, but its better to help you understand them and help them where you can. I guess its OK to say I know how you feel to them if its appropriate but sometimes you just have to bite your tounge and not say anything because you can just get entangled and make things worse. …


    1. Exactly!!!
      I was like ..i better don’t blurt out something because they are clearly trying to hide a lot.
      And you can see the struggle. And they know already that you can see.
      So i dont say anything untill they are close to me.
      Yes people can use this to manipulate. Recently i guessed something about someone and it was so accurate. I think you learn all of this with time or time teaches you this on it’s own. You want it or not.

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  3. It’s so hard to walk away knowing someone is hurting so bad, but they just can’t let you in. I find myself wanting to offer a prayer, a hug, something. And you can’t. And you, at least for me, I will drive myself crazy wondering over them. Maybe it’s different. But I pray for you to have a sense of peace.

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    1. That’s right. It’s hard to walk away when you can clearly see it but i feel if you even ask it will make them feel worse because some of them are clearly on the verse of breaking. You feel you will ask and they will start crying..been there..
      Thanks for praying..means the world 🙂

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  4. Sure, I’ve felt this many times. But the truth is that most people are miserable and are cloaking it under some facade. That’s certainly been the case for me, which is why I like to think that I can recognize it in others.

    But it’s probably just a projection of my own misery.

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  5. It’s not empathy, as was mentioned above. It’s sympathy. Empathy is understanding the pain, while sympathy is feeling sorry for them and pitying. I empathise with people, but I don’t feel sympathy because I can’t know the root cause of the pain.

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      1. Which means, like I used to be, you’re a bleeding heart. I don’t know if it’s something I learned to turn off, or it just happened. But something changed and only that which I could do something about keeps me up at night. The rest just goes towards strengthening my resolve to change the systems that cause those agonies.

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  6. So what is the purpose of the gift of this moment, I wonder? Is it for you or for them? Perhaps both. Does it speak to you that in all the troubled emotions you endure, that you aren’t alone…we are all in the same human condition? We often become so focused on our own suffering or emotions that we can’t see the hurts and needs of others. Is it an opportunity to look beyond our own crap and be a real friend? We say things like “Hey, how are you?” But, it’s chit chat…a mere ice breaker. We aren’t really asking or want to know. When truly asked, you can see the mask slip, the crack in the dam of their resolve and the flood of emotions crumbling walls.
    I suspect that the challenge is to keeping in right emotional focus…to focus on the joy of comforting anothers spirit and not allow their grief and pain to be taken on and carried as your own?

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    1. honestly it feels nothing like a gift. not to me and definitely not to them. because I can see them getting nervous.
      its good with close friends because they dont have to explain much. but for people you rarely meet it get weird.

      yea that feeling hit me..”look everyone is in pain you are not alone” but it doesn’t feel good either. in fact I start losing hope of any improvement.

      in a situation like these I am actually scared to break ice. I talk about random things. with people close to me its different. I literally drive them crazy with questions if I sense something.

      that right emotional focus and balance is the trickiest part. I dont know when I will get there or if there is any chance of getting there at all. mostly I just keep on soaking pain like a sponge and feel like shit in the end. but now I am actually starting to realize its not healthy. I am working on it. I just dont know if I can get to that stage.


      1. I’m sure its nerve wrecking to realize someone is seeing through our masks.
        Yes, balance. Is it possible to be able to allow them to own their own sorrows without absorbing it yourself? IDK? Hopefully someone with more insight will respond to your post who can offer help and technique. Elsewise you’ll either drown in the sorrow of others or have to make a lot of new friends so you can all feel more at ease!

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      2. I know. I would be absolutely terrified too.
        I dont think the balance is possible at all. its very human thing.
        lol I have tons of friends. I mean I cant count them. so so many. its just that the close ones are just a few. and there is so much happening with me all the time I cant even update all of them.
        I have had this. its not new to me. it makes me uncomfortable. but then it fizzles out with time until the next encounter.
        so its more like a part of my life that I just grew up with.


      3. Sometimes our “gifts and talents” dont feel like gifts at all. Still I feel there must be some purpose to them, some good we must be meant to use them for. Its mysterious but I think too that peace must come from that answer….if we ever find it and put it to its rightful use? My grandmother had ” gifts” but never discovered that answer but rather had to manage its effect on her instead but at least she did learn how to live with it in a comfortable way with time.

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      4. this doesn’t feel like a gift at all. it gives you anxiety. doesn’t feel like a talent either. I just hate it at times because it makes me sad for problems that just aren’t mine in any way.
        she must have learned it over a long time. it’s a struggle. I keep telling myself “its ok dont think” but I cant stop.
        my mind wanders alot no matter how busy I keep it. its not healthy.


  7. Yes I experience this, I work in care as well and although everything seems to be focused on physical needs mainly o tend to have a strong ability to see inside a persons true feeling even if they are hiding it. Its very unsettling I can relate, it’s as if something wrong but you can’t justify it

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