Moving again!

There is a reason I have “roller coaster” part in my blog name.

Wish I was even 1% aware of what life is going to do to me next moment.

Looks like I will have to move again..yea..another move. I hate moving!

This time back home…PERMANENTLY!!!

Seriously? I mean I don’t even know how to react.

Well I know. I should be packing.

And here I am writing this post! will do it soon don’t worry I have a month or so.

2 3 months back I talked about this to dad and he was very supportive so I thought maybe it’s good. I was actually happy about going back.

Even then it took me 1 2 days to familiarize myself with the update as you look around and wonder .. okay so now I have to pack up when some of my stuff is still packed from last move. But that was within country.

This one is like jumping into a well of bats…i have no idea how this creepy thought crossed my mind.

But at least you know how risky this seems to me.

Then dad fell ill and everything changed.

Now suddenly this is thrown our way again. Dad was supportive again but people back home can be really shitty at times.

When you live away from people you are safe from a lot of crap.

But then I think I am just too beaten to even react to the crap anymore.

Everything is going in my favor as an individual. Can’t thank God enough for this.

But I am a little scared of people there.

Well I am generally scared of people.

But then there is home and family.

But that’s what makes you weak..

I am confused!


Something tells me things are going to get better after this.

I have had a seriously shitty life. So so shitty people around me haven’t seen anybody go through this much.

So somewhere I feel now I will get to the good part of life.

It’s not going to be easy.

Changes are always difficult.

I have always been the self-sacrificing one but today I am not doing it.

Today I am thinking about myself first.

Because whoever I stood by was never there for me. My friends were..they are my life support I swear.

And believe it or not. I was nervous and scared and I saw comments from you guys and I couldn’t help smiling.

I felt so much better.


Wish me luck and strength.

It’s gonna be tough again.

But..Such is life..

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24 thoughts on “Moving again!

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      1. I’m truly sorry to hear that. Mine was the same. From one heart ache to another to another. The list is endless. Still going on, but I look at them as situations that need handling, and obviously you and I are very strong, otherwise we wouldn’t have lasted this long. We are not only survivors but doers and livers! We go on! We can! We will!

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      2. Thanks for saying this. Honestly there have been so many times when i wondered how did i even handle it?? How did i even survive??
        We must be strong.
        As an individual i can handle a lot but people around you can make your life living hell.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. You don’t get to pick your family, that’s a given and learning to cope with THEIR issues can be problematic, still we CAN choose our friends. Thank god! That’s when we separate them from us, their issues from ours and just say “Thats your issue, not mine. Sorry it’s a problem for you.” send the ball back into their court and let them deal with it. You have your own stuff to deal with, that’s plenty right?!


  1. I think it will be a blessing for both you and your dad. Don’t worry about others. You always have us here to vent or just chat, if you need to. Prayers your way.

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  2. Life keeps throwing curveballs at us! Look at the positives of moving back and surely the negatives will seem insignificant.
    Insha allah things will improve with the passage of time!


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