When it’s 4 am and insomnia screwed you up nice

And you decide why not google “funny”



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      1. Hhehehe.. Gone are the days we watched wwf wwe as bro and sis.. He is in US and me in Spore. We hardly meet as a family. Parents alone.. What the f*** is this life.. I feel so depressed thinking of this. It has been 18 yrs since i came here. I was 22, newly married and that time it was all fun being alone enjoying the marital bliss as a couple. Now, nearing 40, feel to be with family. Hardly get to stay only 15days every year. Three fourth will be spent in inlaws house and 1/4 with my parents. I sqeeuze this time to be with me, then follows shopping and hopping with frienda and relatives.. Life has become so mechanical.. U posted the rock and my heart has become a rock 😃😃

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      2. such is life.
        when us older siblings used to watch it was wwf and we were undertaker and bret hart fans. those were different times.
        and then it became wwe when the younger siblings got addicted to wrestling and they were rock and John cena fans. I life Bautista from that lot.

        so yea times and phases and everything changes. we are in 3 countries and even in 1 home we all have such busy lives mostly we dont know whats happening to others.

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