Cry – Reblog

Since we are resuming reblogs.
Here is something that speak to so many of us.

It’s about reaching out and importance of the community we are blessed to have here.
Jeff has an entire category on mental health please do check.

The Other Stuff

A couple of days ago, I picked up a follower with a clever name. Alliterative, self-deprecating, suggesting an outsider’s perspective on the world. Her picture looked like the sort of person I’d relate to. Yes, this is a lot to pick up from a username and avatar. So, I checked out her blog.

I’m not going to name her, because it’s not clear to me that she wants or needs the attention, but her story certainly warrants a review.

Her post had a title along the lines of “You just need to cry.” Because I’d already decided that she and I had so much in common, I expected her post to be about the mayhem of Donald Trump. He makes me want to cry every day. But I’ve stopped writing about him because I no longer want to dignify him with real-estate on my blog.

Based on the title, her…

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