What Song Does Your Heart Sing? – Reblog

I won’t dilute the intensity of the words here.
it’s one of the most beautiful thing I read recently.

Her Patchwork Heart

IMG_20180509_141659_923 A little doodle I made during STAAR testing

The soul is in a dissonant state when too much time is spent denying one’s true nature. We cannot be who others need and want us to be, only who we truly are at our core. If through being ourselves we are forced to stare down rejection, fear, anxiety, and insecurity– so be it. There will be pain and longing in life, people and obstacles that damage. It happens. The only way to keep moving, to find harmony is to be at peace first with yourself, because only then can you be at peace with others.

I have spent so much time hidden behind solid walls, protecting my heart from the world, because I swore the world wouldn’t know what to do with someone like me. I have felt hurt and rejection. I have recoiled, denied myself further. Slowly killing the person…

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