When Mister Meltdown pays a visit – Reblog

Want to know what a melt-down feels like??
have a look..
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Everybody is different, so what I am about to tell only applies to me.

When I try to describe this state of mind in which all fuses in my head blow, “meltdown” comes to my mind first. “Breakdown” is not was is happening in these moments. Nothing collapses, instead hot lava runs through my veins and boils over.

Meltdown is a red hot, powerful feeling. For a certain period of time, borders, self control and everything around me disappear.  

I do not use my meltdowns to change a situation or manipulate other people, this sets it apart from a tantrum. It is pure overload that I can’t compensate any other way. 

Sometimes I can prevent the worst, things rarely spin out of control so badly as they did yesterday. But after a point of no return, I can just let it run its course.

I can not predict what will…

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4 thoughts on “When Mister Meltdown pays a visit – Reblog

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  1. Just hang on for this ride of life, it won’t last forever and you are strong and you will survive anything that comes your way. I just know it. We all have these days, some won’t admit it. I am having a hard morning myself. Anything that could make my morning drive me mad, well, it is happening.

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    1. It’s a reblog by a fellow blogger who joined me on mental health project.

      But i needed to read this comment. I had a very hard morning. Woke up screaming from a terrible nightmare. Still shaking its been 10 11 hours.
      Thanks for saying all of that. ❤

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