As little as a chuckle.

Have you watched shawshank redemption??

This shouldn’t even be a question. Every living organism on planet earth have seen this movie.

I am not kidding. Go ask a tree and it will break into tears.

The word obtuse reminded me of that. 

No no..not because of actual movie.. because of family guy version of it. You guys have to watch this!


I can’t really add the link’s sort of PG know what I mean…

Please look for it in youtube it’s hilarious!


Such things work as tranquilizers. 

In rough times when everyday you live a nightmare with eyes wide open you desperately look for anything that can bring a smile on your face. 


It’s self-induced placebo.

When demons excel at acting sanctimonious, and it gets nearly impossible to explain yourself. 

So, you start setting little milestones for yourself.

As little as a chuckle.


1 2 3 4…yeah..all prompts squeezed in ha! 

Thank you!

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21 thoughts on “As little as a chuckle.

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  1. I must be weird as I have never watched Family Guy, but on your suggestion I just watched that clip where the boss pushes the lamp off his desk. Then he says, “A prison is an environment that requires the highest level of discipline.” The boss does not seem to understand the meaning of obtuse being annoyingly insensitive or slow to understand and then that body angle obtuse and acute humor finishes the skit. It is funny, but I really don’t think that I missed all that much by not watching this show. Any way you seem to like it and that is what counts.

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