I Have Conquered… Something. – Reblog

where was this post all along??
read this guys!
I won’t say anything or it will be a huge spoiler. but read this!!!!
it will put you on the right track.

Pink Starburst Anxiety

What a week!!! This is sure to be a long post, brimming with depression, anxiety, therapy, strength, epiphanies, and maybe even a little pleasure. I may leave that last one lacking in concrete details, but allusions will be made, take them as you wish.

Two months ago, on my birthday, I received a Facebook PM from an old friend. I’ve alluded to him in a few posts, because he’s done quite a bit in helping me regain my old self. I started listening to music and singing again, via his suggestions; We started watching the same series, following each instance by philosophizing the relationships and plot lines of each; We’d spend hours on the phone together: last weekend, from Friday to Sunday we spoke a total of 13hrs and 45min, finally putting down the phone at sunrise on Sunday morning.

In two months, after 8 years without physical interaction with…

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