Childhood Trauma and The Brain- MHA Reblog

Another piece I want to print into posters and stick on the walls everywhere.
How easy it seems to traumatize a helpless child thinking..well..he is just a child..
read this post. It’s a reminder for everyone.

Bipolar: Candid Crazy

Childhood trauma has shaped and coloured my personality.  It has affected my physical and psychological health and tainted my relationships. My experiences have woven themselves into the fabric of my being so that I live and breathe from it and through it as it forms an inextricable part of me. It still haunts my dreams, forming bleak nightmares filled with horror and terror. My unconscious mind has worked long and hard to process the things which I would not, and could not, process in my waking life. I blindly stumbled through life not understanding myself or why I was so sad and so dysfunctional.

But in the past few years I have gained insight. I have learned about myself and about childhood trauma. I have learned how my brain is different from someone who had a healthy childhood. My brain is different. So I am not inherently flawed or weak or terrible. My brain is…

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15 thoughts on “Childhood Trauma and The Brain- MHA Reblog

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  1. If you’re looking to make a change, stop looking back and stop the BLAME. The reason most of this generation is struggling is because all these “pscychs” have you blaming everyone on earth looking under every rock vs yourself. We have a choice with pain. Blame or gain. PAIN=GAIN. To begin with, you can accept the fact that YOU made choices that altered your life. It’s not what others do or do not do, give or do not give. It’s what WE choose. Then you can choose to forgive, let go, and GAIN compassion for those who perhaps weren’t as “enlightened” as you and made very human mistakes.


  2. An interesting article mostly for the emotive non science. You just can’t fill an article with psych buzz words and then hope to link it all back to trauma using an info graphic. The one disorder that is actually linked to trauma is DID, but that didn’t rate a mention.


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