A Beautiful Mess on Paper

I did something embarrassingly nerdy yesterday.

Before that let me tell you about the accident that happened 2 days back.

My phone fell in the bath tub..


And it died.

Well, when such things happen first thing you should do is try not to have a heart attack.

I took it out within seconds dried it with towel and tried to switch it on…BIG MISTAKE!. I found that out later.

It did switch on took a few faint breaths and went to sleep again.

Next I did what we all do..go to the internet to look for ways to resurrect the poor thing.

There was no water damage. I checked. And then I put it in rice and just accepted the whole thing.

Fast-forward to yesterday.. I found myself in a hustling bustling food court without a smart phone for …you wouldn’t believe this…for 1 entire hour!!

I told you it’s unbelievable.

I looked into my bag that has its own galaxy for anything to keep me busy. I did keep a book but it was so noisy I wouldn’t be able to read.

I found 5 6 pens and pencils and papers of different sizes. I took out my mechanical pencil and the biggest piece of paper.

And started scribbling.

1 hour into a smartphone-less life, what used to be a clean lined paper looked like micro size of a newspaper.

It had words scattered all over the place and doodle of a crazy hairy monster.

And newspapers do have all sort of monsters..the crazy ones, the fancy ones.. the cunning ones..you get the idea!

It has 4 lists of reminders, 3 brand new poems, 4 titles for poems, title of my poetry book and layout for insta-poetry pictures

I don’t remember the last time I had such strong and productive brain storming session

Now on I might switch off my phone intensionally when i am writing.

The mess I created on that little piece of paper was quite satisfying.

It’s a beautiful mess in its own right

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