Who loves shopping??

Who says shopping is fun??

I need to meet that person and ask ..how??

7 hours in a mall and I think i am losing memory now.

I have selfdiagnosed 4 5 new deceased, hearing problem making to the top of the list.

Now I always had trouble finding direction and malls here are like huge loud flashy mazes so I must have walked by the same shop at least 10 times.

I had to pick a lot of things. Including heels I am planning to wear a saari on the wedding (only if I can don it without looking like a berrel) and I don’t wanna be mopping the floors with saari

Let’s save that for another post.. long painful story.

I don’t remember the last time I wore mascara. I loved it but couldn’t use it due to health issues..and now my lids feel heavy and spidery.

I feel so odd.

Make up shopping was must too.. you HAVE to look like a clown or you won’t be allowed to the wedding. And unfortunately that was first phase of this dreaded day..rest of the phases I covered wearing 2 different shades of foundation, a concealer on 1 eye a different corrector concealer on other.. and we talked about mascara already..

Then when u are tired and finally sit somewhere to have food and when u look up you are exactly facing a fancy horse’s ass. I mean i was directly facing this..

And guess what. Even though I was sitting alone on a table for 4, I didn’t bother to change my seat. I was that exhausted.

Well. I envy people who enjoy shopping. For me it’s always been a nightmare..

And now i am just struggling to sleep..


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32 thoughts on “Who loves shopping??

Add yours

  1. I hate clothes shopping. I always feel guilty I’m spending too much. Plus they don’t always have things in my size. I do like buying things for my new kitchen, but again feel guilty spending. I dont wear make up. I’m too old and gave up years ago. And as for heels?! Forget it, I would rather be comfortable!

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    1. Clothes shopping goes in necessities..so I have to do it. Even I have size issues clothes shoes both.
      Yea I love to buy kitchen stuff too but even I dont buy things I won’t be using much.
      You are not that old and you look great. Makeup is personal choice you can totally live without it at any age.
      I am terrified of heels it’s just that the dress I am planning to wear will turn into real mop and..I’m short..


  2. I get u.. Shopping was heaven before 18years for me. I loved shopping my dress before marriage. I started to hate shopping ever since I started visiting every year for holidays. A huge dreading list with peoples choices is all i remember about shopping. Never did I shopped for self after marriage. Yea, i do shopping now.. Groceries, vegetables and pet food.. I wanted to try makeup but never gave a chance even for my marriage. Heels, I did wear before marriage but when i conceived gave up on heels.. The worst part is, when u shop new things or accessories, u don’t a hideout for old things and u must be ready to declutter to accommodate the new entrants. Happy shopping πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


    1. This is 2nd comment about antique store…now I wanna to go to one.
      Yea made me super anxious and the travel anxiety and then facingannoyingrelatives anxiety..so yea I might be needing to take something for that tonight.
      Yea please pray I don’t fall into never ending insomnia.

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  3. I don’t mind the Mall, if I have money, but it’s mainly for gifts and food. I love people watching, too. I prefer online shopping and thrift and antique stores. I like different one of a kind, type things.

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    1. Here everything is in malls..even your go to grocery stores. I can’t do people watching I might scare them. Lol.
      Yea..I would love to go to a proper antique store haven’t seen them much and actually dont really get time. And yea I am super thrifty most of stuff I ever bought was on some promotion/sale.
      I have tons of those little things that I just keep for memories. They are priceless.


  4. I like shopping for one thing only…plants (ok and stuff for my grandkids). Clothes is usually a nightmare for me as well, but for different reasons. I would prefer to just do it online, but I am tall and so things don’t usually fit me the way they are supposed to. Pants that are not supposed to be capris..are. waistlines that are supposed to hit center are to high. So I usually save a lot of money, because like some of friends who like to be stylish , I just wear what feels comfortable. I do love mascara though and never leave the house without it.

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    1. I have had a phase when I got obsessed with plants and grew herb and then bam!..UAE summers arrived blazing everything.
      Seriously?? I am so short most of my pants are folded at the bottom. I look like a chicken!
      We should consider throwing our legs in a machine to get 2 normal pair of legs..
      I don’t shop much either. And go for comfort but it’s a ridiculously fancy family event and they might actually disown me if I try to be myself there..
      I love mascara but i have eye related autoimmune so i had to stop wearing eye makeup. Doing it after a long time.

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      1. Yes…lets mix up our legs. My life would be so much easier, and yours. I am sure once you get to the wedding you will be glad you had a nice dress and a fancy face. it is always nice to do that once in awhile.

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