It 2 13am. Have to travel in a few hours. And I can’t sleep. Will be going home first time after we lost mom.

I can literally hear her singing lullaby. Clearly

feeling so many things at once my shoulders are going to explode.

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      1. I dont know this will be first time I will go and mom won’t be there. Then first time after dad went manic. He is on such high medication he looks lost in pics I might faint when I see him. And alot of other things. But these are major ones

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      2. Ok, well, look at it this way: you’ll be able to put your eyes and ears on him. No better way to get a bead on how he’s really doing. As for the rest? You figure it out as you go. Don’t invite trouble, and don’t worry about it until there’s something to worry about.

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