Gym Chronicles # 12

You look at your friend looking suuuper hot for the first time in life and something hits you like a bus.

And next moment you are freaking out..dude where is my gym!!

That bus is jealously btw but sometimes it helps you. Pushing you to the other side of that dreaded gym door that’s polished with strong human repellant.

So yea. That’s what happened today. Ran to gym this time.

And surprisingly there were a lot of people seriously working out.

Thanks to headphones I could block the comments and random distracting discussions.

But that comes with another problem. You might me lipsyncing to songs and tapping and drumming wherever you can reach your hands..that actually does make you look like a psycho.

But that’s ok. I don’t look at people much.

So yea living in your own shell and just doing your thing helps.

After all it’s for you only.

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