Poetry rants

Grab your popcorns guys here comes another humongous avalanche of rants.

So, since I was working on my poetry book and was getting all serious about publishing I have been researching on it.

When you plan to self-publish your book it’s advisable that you reach out to your potential customers.

Now I am not a social media addict in fact right now wordpress and instagram (which I just made few days back) are my only social media presence.

I have tried Reditt and stumbleupon in past to check if I could increase my following but that only swallows time and do almost nothing for your wordpress blog.

So I came across the term ‘insta-poetry’ and thought I should give a shot.

I am posting my artwork and poetry (pasted on photos taken by me). And I got more likes and follows on art than poetry.

Umm ok..

One reason could be the length of my poems. They are usually long.

Maybe they lose prominence when I stick them on an image. Maybe..i dont know..

For example:-

On the other hand when I look at typical insta-poetry. They look like quotes by a 10 year old mostly about things they won’t experience untill 20 more years or so.

Here is my attempt on typical insta poem:-

Trust me there are way worse than this. And it’s annoying.

It’s like ..

I was craving an apple

But she gave me orange instead

How tragic..


Then comes the book milk and honey. No offence to anybody. Please don’t hate me guys but I am entitled to my opinion in my space right??

I actually bought this book as it was everywhere. Behind every freaking brick of each and every bookstore on planet. There was like an explosion of this book so i bought it. As it claimed to have poetry and illustrations…and fame..

Well. I didn’t open it untill one day I was talking to a friends about poetry book editing, who happens to have decent writing and artistic skill. And I said, “wait let me tell you about this book it has drawings and poems you can do something like that” and I reached for milk and honey.

There was a long silence on my end after that…very long mysterious silence.

Then I said, “umm ok how’s the weather today?”

So yea.. it’s hard to process what do you need to sell a book.

I am a huge Khalil Gibran fan..I mean for me he is greatest poet.

On the end of my short trip I got urdu poetry book by Mirza Ghalib and Allama Igbal, with English translations. Will write about that soon.

Maybe I look for something else.

Recently i felt like deleting all the poems from the under construction manuscript and write new ones all over again.

It’s a struggle.

Writing venting and posting is different.

Creating something worth selling followed by a hundred other steps untill a book reaches the reader is nothing short of a mission.

Kudos to people who have published anything at all even if it’s one page. It takes courage and patience.

And then I see poetry that makes me cringe so hard i pray nobody is watching me.


Rant over guys!

Thanks for reading..


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27 thoughts on “Poetry rants

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  1. My advice….stop looking at what others are doing. Ask 10 writers how to write and you’ll get 10 different answers. Self-publishing is a lot like field of dreams….if you write it they will come. All it takes is one person to get the ball rolling. Do what you want to do and write what you want to write. Find a few people you value the opinion of and you’re set.

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  2. Milk & Honey is for young adults imo, which isn’t a bad thing. Anything that gets teens reading and interested in books, poetry, writing, etc. is great! If it inspires further exploration of more mature poetry, fabulous. I wouldn’t put down M&H any more than I’d criticize the genre of children’s lit in general. Unfortunately, you bought it without opening it? Bet you won’t make that mistake again. 🙂

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    1. Maybe I had high expectation because of the all the rage it stirred.

      It was part of a haul. And there are alot of books I bought without opening and I dont think this stupidity will stop I lose my mind a little buying books.


  3. Love this post, we can be lost in the world of insta/twitter poetry together! Maybe shelve the whole social media presence apart from on here and just focus on your book. You write some great poetry just keep going and you’ll get there.
    As an aside I have the follow up to milk and honey, the sun and her flowers and I really like some of it, other bits not so much. It’s a mix of insta-poetry and longer pieces and tbh her insta style is great.

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    1. Yea I am already caught up will so much I need to prioritize. Today some1 asked if I have LinkedIn profile and I was like…please no…
      But you aren’t really normal if you dont waste your time on all of that. WordPress is my healthy addiction so this place I will keep visiting. Insta I dont know..
      Yea I’m focusing on it. It’s priority.

      She is a famous insta poet. That’s why I thought may be it’s a helpful forum for poets. Now I’m not sure. Maybe I haven’t explored instagram properly yet.

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      1. I’ve contemplated LinkedIn, only so I can put writer/poet/author as my occupation! Not sure that’s a good enough reason to join. I’m going to pass on Instagram and tbh I’m not that convinced that twitter is worth the effort!
        Back to writing and blogging and actually having a life away from the all encompassing grip of social media! 😀

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      2. I am job hunting these days and first thing people ask about is LinkedIn. And I am a very private person. Instagram is not that bad so far overall I get better feedback on art. Just got a msg from some art magazine for contribution so maybe it’s not that bad after all.
        For writers blogging is the best option.
        That’s a peaceful life. It’s been one year without Facebook and it’s been great 🙂

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  4. Just keep at it. Much of what you write is very much worth selling when it lands in front of the right people. I know some of the poems I have posted are quite cringe worthy 😉 Other pieces I find I like very much, and even when I don’t there are those out there who might (or at least claim to just to be nice and encouraging) Most successful writers have written some crap too as have many artists’ works not all been top notch. The path to success is to believe in yourself and just keep at it. Persistence and patience.

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  5. I have written a few poems. You may read them on my blogsite. So far, the most consistent voice of support comes from a lonely friend who LOVES everything I do, because, well, she is a lonely soul who needs approval. I digress, though. One needs to let the juices flow and see what comes out. Most of the time, it’s somewhere between kindergarten doggerel and Khalil Gibran-or Anne Sexton.


    1. how are u still reading my blog I dont deserve this. I am extremely sorry. maybe most of the times your comment is last on a post so it sort of slips. I am really sorry I am catching up on past posts and unreplied comment.

      I felt a gust of sadness in the middle of your comments. friends are naturally biased towards us but lonely friends they are losing for validation and approval and a reason to exist. sometimes I am one of those too. my friends kept me alive many times in my life.

      for poetry I just let it happen. or maybe everything creative be it art or writing. you cant force it. as Charles Bukowski says if it doesn’t burst out of you dont do it.

      and when it happens its surreal..

      thanks you so much for sticking by me.

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  6. I am right there! Social media seems like such a waste of my time. Everyone is after what they can get out of it and nobody is giving back. It’s frustrating! I came back here to rebuild because social media tore me apart. 3 hours of giving to others and nothing in return. Nope! Oh look, I gave you another rant LOL

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