Emotions and Feelings -Two sides of the same coin – Reblog

An undoubtedly beautiful piece that’s going to make you ponder.
My words are just going to dampen the effect.


Emotions and feelings differentiation

Many of us may think that emotions and feelings are quite identical and highly interconnected,but the two are very different things.”Emotions” is a physical response to change that is hardwired and universal,while “feelings” is the other the side of the coin,mental associations and reactions to an emotion that are personal.

Most likely an affection that corresponds to your emotion,now no matter how different they are,it’s indescribable how important their role to balance your mental health.It is similar how depression being mistakenly comprehended, same is true on how essential it is when comes to understanding the type of situation.

Hence it’s conducive to provide a representation or a short story based on my experience for my reader’s assimilation for mental illness and for them to avoid mistakes that i did that trap me to depression.

A short story that cost me a lot

Since i…

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