Appointment again..

When you are waiting for your turn at eye hospital and this is what’s hung on the wall right in front of you..

Next you know you are super hungry.

Now I tried to look in my bag and my hand sort of got tangled in a lose thread…there was a whole reel of thread in my bag that I had forgotten about..

And my tail comb that I have been looking for since days.. the hunt drove me insane. But nothing to eat.

I am so unsure about my feeling right now I finally asked myself… what’s wrong with me??

No answer…

12 thoughts on “Appointment again..

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      1. Not good. Very depressing. They want another biopsy this time from new tissues. It’s like going through whole cycle again
        Hating it.
        But right now I am super hyper and excited..I thing its pre depression high.. dont know what’s gonna happen next. I asked for time to process

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      2. Its insanely hot in the day. But you indoors already. But it hasn’t reached its hottest yet.
        It’s sort of controlled.
        Not too bad. Night are humid especially near can feel it on your lungs.

        I feel like a weather reporter

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