Sketching and rambling..

Deleting my Instagram guys. It’s not what I thought it would be. There are a few things I dont understand.

I got 79 followers in a month or so but I think I got notifications of double of this number. I feel people follow you then once you follow back they unfollow.

Maybe will make a separate one for art only for promotion purpose with new work. Maybe..just a raw idea.

I am constantly working and experimenting with different techniques and ideas..I am trying not to break the flow so I keep working on random ideas.

I did this today..within few minutes I guess..

And good thing. The new book i was working on is developing a story plot. I got the ending in my mind and once that happens it’s easier to join the dots. Will share excerpt soon.

And the older one from which I have already shared excerpts was getting too hazy and I got stuck at a point. Now I sort of have a bit clarity about that too.

One of the reason of closing Instagram was my blog. I miss this place. I miss the interaction I have here with you guys. It’s not the same there.

The end of daily posts have taken a toll on me which wasn’t easy to deal with. But okay. I went on to explore new territories.

So yea.

Just felt like talking.

It’s so weird I can talk here and feel better with you guys when we all dont even know each other well.

And conversation outside blogosphere are so draining. So irrelevant and unnecessary. I literally get headaches and stress.

Hope you all having a good day.

18 thoughts on “Sketching and rambling..

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    1. I swear!!!
      I have become such a bratty ranter here looks like that’s all I do now. But where else can I openly flaunt my psychoticness??

      You wont even try to steal it..its that bad!
      You will be like..’no thank you I am ok with my alien war sci-fi..’ πŸ˜†

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  1. You are obviously doing something wrong. My Instagram page is older than yours and I have 15 followers. You are one of them. And now you’re not. So make that 14. Clearly you are not as obnoxious, odious nor as mind-numbingly boring as me.

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    1. No you haven’t. It’s actually good for artists. I learnt alot of new techniques from there. And you can easily penetrate the artists community belonging to your art form as compared to wordpress.

      I have to come up with an account for the purpose of selling and want my real world people would complicated and hard to manage.

      I like what you are doing there πŸ™‚


  2. “They follow you once and never follow back.”. Sounds like Online Dating..Guys say Hi but never go further once you respond.


  3. You have a point, I use my Instagram to post my latest art work! Your art is good and it’s good to Express yourself here. I understand what you feel like that. Great drawing as well.


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