Creepy obsession made me think..

I have been binging on murder documentaries for 3 days non stop, that too done by women.

Trust me when I say this stuff is addictive as hell.

First of all if you are struggling with any mental health issue don’t even look into things like that I am in a pretty okayish state these days or it would have made me worse I am sure.

I recently heard a line ‘if we remove all the teaching and civilization, we are animals and animals attack’ and it made me ponder.

I haven’t talk about anything real in a while as honestly sometimes you are just dodging the triggers and it’s taking effort already.

So. I was thinking about this line.

Are we just born feral?

Well maybe we are.

Obviously we are!!

Is it only consequences that makes us or breaks us?? Or turn us evil?? I don’t believe that 100%.

I have had this discussion about role of media in proliferation of crime. And my point was, ‘the world without scrutiny or somebody watching over will be disaster. People were barbaric before too and as it was easier to hide crime, secrets, bad practices overall injustice, we blame media for giving criminals ideas when they already had it since the existence of humanity’

It was just my point. It was a class discussion and around 18 to 20 teens were participating so everybody had their own mindset.

Ever heard of Rhythm 0?

It was an experiment by a performance artist Marina Abramovic. Where she offered herself to the public with a few things and no accountability. Well. She is alive just because the time assigned for the experiment ended.

Google it. You will learn something.

When I look at all of this it frightens me. I get paranoid.

Are we just animals waiting for a chance to attack the weaker ones?

On the other hand if an animal is cornered it get violent. Not trying to defend anyone here.

But I believe oppression works that way. When you try to enslave a human the animal inside is not going to like it.

I have been watching reading observing alot about mental health problems. Then when you see it up close it’s hard to fathom.

Humans must not be cornered. Must not be caged. It doesn’t go well.

Will talk about all of this and other stuff later.

Let me go back to those murder documentaries and pray police doesn’t come here looking for me for ‘shady behaviour’.

Kindly visit my post Warriors Invited To Raise Mental Health Awareness where I am inviting Mental Health Warriors to submit their blog’s address so that we can join hands to control this wildfire.

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42 thoughts on “Creepy obsession made me think..

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  1. Those murder docs and Lifetime cheating stuff are triggers for my mood swings, I’ve found. Glad it don’t work that for you, partner. And about the rest, what I can say? Life is persistent, and part of life is to be at one’s liberty, right? You coming up with any good murder tips? Lol! Enjoy.

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    1. Yea it can easily trigger anyone.
      I am too cought up a lot of random stuff so I think the effect defuses.
      I feel I dont even know the word liberty completely yet. I aim for it though.

      Ahhaa sometimes i am speaking in the documentaries…’no no dont hide weapon there’ ‘there you made a mistake’ ‘ are you serious’ ..


    1. im sorry I am replying so late I totally missed a lot of comment and catching up now.
      yes thats how it is sometimes we are pushed to the edge and all it takes is a trigger. that obsession have mellowed down but I did teach me this. staying positive takes effort but we need to keep working on our minds. human brain is a scary place.
      thanks for the comment

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  2. Really thought-provoking post – we are so inundated with shows about crime – and they give the public what it wants – question is, why do they want it? Thanks for sharing your always good thoughts, Stoner! 🙂

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  3. I read and watch tons of True Crime! I was in a mentally abusive relationship and want to remain aware, as well as learn how and why people do what they do. The mind of a Killer is very intriguing and fascinating in it’s own way.

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    1. I am sorry I wish you never had to go through that..have seen it closely..

      Mind of killer is intriguing and messed up some of the cases you end up feeling sorry for the killer too and that’s where you start questioning yourself and humanity overall.

      This world is such a cruel place at times. Given a chance most of us can turn evil.


    1. true that.. now I try to balance things out. in fact a lot of people of my family started seeing therapist voluntarily after a few cases. so in these time we all need to be careful with our body and minds.

      sorry for replying late I missed this comment


  4. I love those types of documentaries as well as Marina. A lot of people have this conspiracy theory that she’s part of the elites, eats people, & is a Satan worshipper because of her art. I don’t believe any of that, I think her art is meant to shock. But anyway, my theory is we aren’t feral (well, most of us) because of evolution & our consciousness. Look at dogs. They just act. I believe they have feelings but they don’t have the depth of consciousness we do. Our emotions are most intense. So if we kill, unless some is a sociopath or psychopath, we would feel regret, guilt, & shame. Dogs kill other animals & they don’t get those types of feelings. Their feelings consist of angry, joy, & sad. That’s just my theory anyway! I think when humans were created, we were much like animals. We just evolved, so our minds evolved.

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    1. I am not surprised people judge her like that I was more surprised when I saw the works of women expressionists who played vital role in the birth of the art form, even financially (Marriane von werefkin) and they are not even that famous. Her work is beyond amazing. I dont know why I brought her into this comment.

      Rhythm 0 proved the point I will never forget. And can’t disagree.

      I get your point and I agree. I was still watching documentaries. I skip the gory parts. But I cant stop binging on this overall genre.

      And I felt something. Some people are just evil. And some arent. Every story has a victim too who isn’t and can’t even act evil. And a culprit who can’t stop being evil they can try to control but the slightest bump can set off a disaster.

      World is a scary place.

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