Truth of successful trickery..

And Khalil Gibran sums it beautifully once again.

Let me share a quote from ‘sand and foam’

“Trickery succeeds sometimes, but it always commits suicide.”

Last few days I have been binging on documentaries of murders done by women.

It’s disturbing how people can even imagine acts of such brutality for anyone at all.

Once you unshackle the inner beast nothing is safe from it’s wrath.

Then there is another tragedy that we can’t unsee.

Karma being a biased parent and picking its favourite child.

Some evil beasts are roming free like a loose cannon destroying everything in their way.

But then I saw this quote. And it did cradle my senses.

Look at it this way.

When we watch a case we know who is wrong and who is right.

What do we feel about the killer??

If they get to know what we all combined feel their way what are they going to feel?

Guilt is a brutal emotion. It consumes you painfully.

To live with a fact that you did something wrong isn’t easy. Hurt a fly and you lose a few hours of sleep at least.

Well some people don’t have the ‘guilt’ function. But they know the rest of the world knows what they did.

God knows what they.

The time knows what they did. And time spares none.

One act of hate or fury. One successful trickery. And you lose the previledge of being called a ‘human’.

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