Gibberish of a fidgety hamster

When you are back from a road trip you are just on the brink of brain explosion or you feel you might start tumbling like that spider everyone is talking about these days.

This one..

We will save detail of the trip for a proper elaborate post.

So I just came back and home is pretty much a calamity struck region … AGAIN!..because as per rules, before leaving you empty all of wardrobe and cabinets on the floor..pick some random stuff you feel you might be needing (mostly things you never need on a trip like than). And the rest of stuff stay on your couch bed and floor..

You tip toe literally to get to a place where you can sit mostly a tiny clear space on your bed that can barely accommodate something size of your hand. Rest of space you make as you sit.

And then anxiety hit me like a missile!

And I am thinking what to do first.

Tell you guys about the trip?

Tranfer super awesome pictures I took. This trip has been a blessing for photography.

Fair out the poetry I did on the way??

Sketch or paint something as I didnt have my art supplies and time to do that.

Or tell my folks i made it back alive.

Well I started with dusting a dried up combination of mud grass twigs and food from my clothes and then just gave up within seconds and remembered I am home and I can actually change into something and as the entire clothing collection is scattered all over the place I can skip looking-for-clothes part and wear whatever.

I only called my aunt and sam. Probably will tell 3 more friends..the rest dont care much so that can wait…for ever..


Out of everything I thought I should just dilute little bit of restiveness by posting a random gibberish. So i came here..

That’s all folks!

Missed you guys.


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  1. I hope there is little imbalance in your life- good food, comfortable clothes and caring friends will make all the difference, between groundedness and madness. At least, that’s how I see things.


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