Another day..

And here I am

Sitting in the midst of chaos again

Air laced with aroma

Of freshly roasted coffee

A mosiac of mutilated melodies

Playing in the backgrounds again

A lost battle

Between cacophony and flute

I am scribbling

My pleasure and pain

Or just filling

This little yellow paper

With empty meaningless words again

Today, I am alive

Relatively sane

It’s just another day

Passing by

I am sitting still

In this eye of storm

I have nothing to lose

Nothing to gain

Sometimes I feel so small

Like resting on red sands

Just a tiny grain

Or a drop of dew

Aimlessly travelling the winds

Dreaming to drown in rain

I wish

I was a fraction of time

Treading unharmed

This planet of chaos

I wish

I was indifferent to boon or bane..

(Wrote this waiting for food at a café)


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