The disregarded tragedy #writephoto

Dare to put that haunting question “where did I go wrong?” through the prism of truth and it will spread its wings right before your eyes like it had been caged by your reluctance so far.

Like it was dying to speak to  you when you have been stifling its helpless cries for attention.

We conveniently buy average broadly-accepted ideas from the peddlers of  flashy posters that exist to make material profit at the cost of our own thought process.

Our original vigorous inklings fade into brain fog of our lazy minds and get buried deep under the rubble of cultural bulshit.

And we start questioning their viability.

It’s tragic how that unique spark that was accidentally born was instantly put to rest just because it seemed too spectral for our naive society.

Just because it probably didn’t wear a suit or tie.

What could be a blooming oasis turns into an unknown wreckage site with age.

It’s tragic when your own desires look inconceivable to you..

Did I making any sense?? Sorry had to squeeze too many prompts today.

Writing for following prompts/challenges:

FOWC with Fandango — Prism

Thursday photo prompt: Spectral #writephoto

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