The Hollow Men – T.S. Eliot

I am deeply in love with this..

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  1. “The Hollow Men” remains one of the most jarring poems I ever studied-in those long ago days of my eleventh grade English class. Thomas Stearns Eliot had been gone, a scant eighteen months, when we examined his stark words, and I resolved to never let my world end with a whimper.

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    1. I listen to it everyday these days and every time there is some words some line of it that hits me like never before. the expressions are brilliant. I cant get the image of “sunlight on the broken column” out of my head. something ordinary meddled in poetry so beautifully that your mind cant let go of it.
      in literary sense when you start reading about this poem it is indeed an ocean in itself. but that’s how poetry is. thats why we are mesmerized by it.
      we don’t deserve our world’s to end with a whimper. but for that we have to stop being one of the blind follower of empty trends and stop being a hollow man, stuffed man. we need to pull out those stats from our head.
      this comment wont stop if I dont stop writing about it.
      thank you so much for the comment.
      may our worlds end with music.

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