Still high..sort of..

This part of my life..


This little called happiness..

Imagine me looking at the sky and saying it in super dramatic whispery voice.

You can add background music too..umm..violin ??

But how can you guys imagine me? Okay imagine Deadpool with black long hair.

Add glasses maybe..

So since I am having craziest days of my life. Crazy not in a shitty way. 

It’s funny crazy.

It’s that phase when steroids have probably left your system but some of them are stuck in your brain somewhere and they have falling in love with you. 

It’s one sided obsessive love so they are not gonna leave me that easily.

It’s like after after after effect.

I open my eyes in the morning and I imagine racing a truck! Or a train!

Guys I am not making this up trust me.

So I was talking to unicorn (friend) today and I was pacing so fast and occasionally laughing loud like some villain throughout 1 hour calls she was like..ok ok steroids again okay calm down.

the reason Char called them my acid laced steroids.

But she was amused too she was kinda enjoying it. 

Once I accidentally (BIG MISTAKE) decided to play an embarrassingly peppy song I listen to during workout and even though it’s not very good time I sort of still slipped into that mode.

I don’t know how to explain this.. but it’s was instinctive. Like my body synced to the song itself. Maybe it’s my body’s favorite workout song.

Because next I was pacing and listening to it like 10 times and then suddenly I thought, I hope this is not how I die..

Imagine news.. a strange looking woman with non-symmetrical face found dead in apartment holding her chest with embarrassing music still playing in her phone.

Discovered by neighbors when they heard a thunderous bang and they rush to the source of explosion.

Ok I exaggerated.

But I should be allowed.

Last time on steroids I said I could kill someone and say sorry I was on steroids. NO!!

I didn’t mean that.

that was a joke. he he he


Guess who died next in Deadpool 2.

Ok major spoiler about Deadpool 2 in case you haven’t watched it you can totally skip the following part.

Deadpool himself!

Can you believe that?

In a scene when he joins Venessa (who is dead already) I panicked and picked my phone to write a very emotional post “having a melt down here please tell me he doesn’t die”

Where else should I have gone?

Who else would tolerate my stupid babyish tantrums during a movie??

But I guess I did that in super slo-motion because by the time I opened the app Venessa sent him back.

Thank you Venessa!

Thank you makers of Deadpool

Thank you academy..

That wasn’t needed. I know..

That’s all for now.

I have 20 thousand tabs and half a celery to take care of.

Take care because somewhere out there someone cares about you..(again imagine the opening scene of this post..whispery got it..)


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