Can’t end this story..

I sat on the warm tiles
As sun shone on my hair
Turning ebony
Into lithium
And touched my face
Pushed my eyelids shut
My every pore
Every cell
But I don’t resist
One bit!
I don’t get up
I don’t try to lift
My resting spirit
For once
I want to bask
In this Arab sun
On the beige tiles
Of my terrace
My lids pushed shut
I sense someone
Kneeling down
Someone I can’t see
Can’t see losing
The dreadful battle of sanity
Or it will will be
The end of this story..


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Copyright © 2018 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

13 thoughts on “Can’t end this story..

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    1. I have been bouncing between sanity and insanity a lot. I sanity is overrating but its absence is dangerous. so I believe all we can do is try to stay somewhere in between. I think if we are able to contain our actions and emotions we are still somewhat sane. maybe..

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