Gift from nowhere.

Look what I found on my terrace??


So I was on phone with unicorn and I was pacing corner to corner in my home like I am supposed to take coordinates of entire place.

Thats just what I do until I am on verge of having a heart attack and then I just lay down panting like a dog.


I was pacing and I saw this random cute balloon swirling and dancing on my terrace. For a long time I thought maybe I am hallucinating because it doesn’t make sense.

I kept looking at it like..dude who are you? what are you doing here??

Then I told my friend there is a balloon on my terrace I am taking it. And suddenly it made me so happy. even though I am not a fan of balloons but this one looks adorable.

And we both love free stuff so she was happy too.

It was literally coated in dirt so I washed it.

It already had a matching ribbon. Isn’t it just pretty??

I haven’t lost my mind yet I promise.

It’s a random gift from nowhere so I am keeping it. It’s mine now.

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37 thoughts on “Gift from nowhere.

Add yours

      1. you can re-schedule and sort of recycle any old one too. since your blog is poetry blog time a post to the date you want. choose a really old one you think people might haven’t read much.
        you have motivated me to complete a task. I had to do a post about basics of blogging now im working on it. will complete it soon. thank you 🙂


    1. ahah yea it made me smile. at one point I wrapped that ribbon round my finger and then told you are looking like a psycho please stop. I have been scared of balloons actually they suddenly burst and scare the crap outta you. this is maybe first time I am liking one.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We sent balloons up with sins giving them up to God at a church camp. Unfortunately, they got caught on a telephone wire.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. My first thought was to ask where the other 98 red balloons are then I realized how few people would probably get the 80’s music reference.

    It’s cool that a stray balloon made you so excited. I get that way when like yesterday, my neighbors gave me two boxes of Halloween decorations they didn’t want anymore. Happiness comes in many forms, indeed.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. free stuff always feels amazing..well most of the times otherwise you have to waste time on thinking how to dispose them of.
      2 boxes of decorations sounds good.

      on a serious note sometimes we have to look at smaller things and find happiness in them. balloon is sitting right in front of me even now 🙂 it still manages to make me smile.
      I wouldn’t get that music reference.


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