Supremely annoyed!!

If I were actually a potato which one would I be??

Short round ones maybe..

It’s almost midnight here and I can’t calm down.

I am trying hard to distract myself order to maintain residual sanity.

And I am failing miserably

I looked at the star in sky and my brain was like …hey look your brain cells are so shiny. They shot to the sky after brain explosion.

Yea..something like that happened.

Every morning you wake up and work your ass off just to survive. We all are in survival mode somewhere.

So you keep working hard to survive another day.

Move one more step.

And then someone comes to you and start hitting your legs with a freaking hockey stick..annoying!

Supremely annoying..especially when murder is clearly a punishable crime.

I got a call from a relative of mine when I was in the middle of 50 things struggling to keep my life on track (whatever mutilated track it is on right now)

And man the crap I got!

She …

Let me try explaining.

Imagine I have peanut allergy. But I am forced fed peanuts. And I am trying to stop this absurdity.

She told me how important it is to have peanuts or I can die…

And gave me example of people you ate peanuts and actually died a horrible death. Like 3 examples!!

I mean..what’s your point??

Peanuts are killing me already..and I am trying to spit and vomit em out..and you are telling me to eat more peanuts??

Why??? How???

Now in our culture elders (and men of all ages) have godly status by default so I was just doing hmm hmm and ji ji (yea yea)..

But after the call.. my 3 friends had to help me and convinced me how killing is a major crime and you eventually do get caught.. and jail isn’t that fun..


Just a nice day ruined.. thanks to peanuts.


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  1. I understand what you’re saying. I refuse to have certain conversations with elders because…peanuts, and I’m allergic, and because I can’t stop them from force feeding me, I just have to disengage and only share certain parts of my life :-/

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  2. That’s why we all need somebody (somebodies, if you’re lucky enough, but it’s hard to get people to look past the peanut allergies sometimes) who carries an Epi-pen for emergency use. Fortunately the metaphorical Epi-pen is much cheaper than the literal. πŸ™‚


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