New tool to embarrass yourself

So after I tortured my brain cells and their brain cells with writing non stop poetry we all are taking a break.

By break I mean from writing new poems.

Today I got myself into another challenge..

Resuming editing of my poetry book!

Because, you know, peaceful life is too mainstream.

Yup.. my brain cells shrieked from an aztec whistle when I opened the file containing the masterpiece in process.

But I totally acted deaf and rolled up my sleeves for brand new embarrassment

And ended up finding respect for editors that I never felt before.

Because editing your own work is like slapping youself and then laying on the floor throwing a tantrum because you were slapped hard.

It’s like those evil kermit have to check them if you haven’t. Might add one in the end.

Half if you is devilish culprit and other half the poor victim.

Half of the time you tell yourself you are a terrible poet..and then you get all emotional because you feel like a terrible poet..

I am so confused..

And the typos?? Seriously people how forgiving are you guys??

Or you don’t read my posts?? Hmm?

I am getting suspicious now.

In the middle I am watching forensic files too. I mean what else would go hand in hand with poetry?

Or maybe it would help the editor half of me to critically analyse the work.

Did I tell you guys I actually wanted to do go in forensics but my dad said it’s not a movie.. so I resorted to something on the same lines, audit!!

Yep..been there too.

Ok guys. Was here for a break. Going back to torture cell.

Hope you all are having a good day.

Here is evil kermit for you all..


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31 thoughts on “New tool to embarrass yourself

Add yours

    1. I think that’s just how our minds work maybe. While editing I see so many words I didn’t mean to write at all but weirdly some even made sense in the poem. Or we just read the write word even if it’s spelled wrong.
      Thanks for reading and commenting 😊

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  1. “Because editing your own work is like slapping youself and then laying on the floor throwing a tantrum because you were slapped hard.”

    Oh my gosh. This line 🙂

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  2. My own internal editor is like an unfaithful lover. At night he is hugging me and thanking me for the experience. “ That was amazing!” he says, “that was the best I’ve ever had!” But by morning he has been looking at porn and making comparisons. “It was OK,” he says, “but do you think you could be a bit more spontaneous? A bit more real? A bit more talented?”

    “I doubt it,” I say, “that was my best stuff.”

    The next night he apologises. “It’s not you …. it’s me,” he explains, “sometimes I just get a bit mixed up.”

    But the following morning he confronts me again. “No. I’ve thought about it. Actually, it’s not me … it’s you. You suck. But not in a good way.”

    If I could just keep my internal editor perpetually drunk then everything would be fine.

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    1. Ahhaaha 😂
      Sounds like a toxic relationship. But that’s exactly how it feels. Inflicts self doubt in us.

      Yea keep him drunk and publish junk! How is going to see any mistake then?? We have to tolerate this emotional trauma really don’t have choice.


  3. I am terribly guilty of publishing posts before I have rooted out all the typos myself. I often publish and then edit twenty times as I realize what I have written is a mess!
    The other day I was reading a post by one of my favourite bloggers and there were more typos than I would have expected from them. I wondered if I should let them no, and in the end thought maybe that’s the last thing they need from me because they might take it as a negative. The next day I looked over the post again and all the typos were gone so I am guessing they are just like me.
    I get so excited once I have typed up a post I want to publish it and edit it later – which is probably a really bad habit!


  4. I’ve been editing the second novel of my trilogy since July. I am finally finished the editing (rewriting in some cases) so now I am re-reading it again. Planned on working on that today. It is now almost 5:30 pm, haven’t even opened it up yet, but you have motivated me to do so. And I will, right after I finish reading a few more blog posts. Promise.

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    1. I understand “editing (rewriting) than re-reading” and the cycle goes on..
      Sometimes i feel you have to force yourself to get over a book. You get attached to the process which is wierd.

      I am glad you found motivation. Editing is such a tedious job.
      All the best 🙂


  5. I love forensic files! My roommate and I have binged-watch those episodes. Anyway, I think I know these feelings of being hard on yourself all too well. Editing, for me, is like this bug that keeps gnawing on my pure, creative essence. I’ve been stuck on how to respond to this Liebester Award nomination post this past week. I didn’t realize sharing 11 random facts about myself was so difficult. 😀

    Coincidentally, I’m excited to find this post on LindaGHill’s blog:

    She has this stream of conscientiousness prompt where you don’t edit your post aside from fixing typos. I might learn a thing or two about just letting things be, natural state, no editing….yikes. 🙂

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