Support a fellow blogger

Hey guys,

I don’t normally do it and I haven’t ever done it. But a very compassionate fellow blogger of ours is in a need of support with almost no help. And it’s holiday season and everything just gets worse with general problems, such as family.

I have seen her work hard it’s just that sometimes we go through really tough times.

Here is link to her Etsy store. 

Please do check if you guys like anything. This will mean the world to her.

Here is a sample of one of her printable:


18 thoughts on “Support a fellow blogger

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    1. You almost gave me a heart attack I literally sat up.
      Thanks for sharing I missed this post. I would never know as he barely writes.
      It took me so much effort and tons of emotional blackmailing to bring him back.

      I really hope he is well wherever he is. Mailed him already. Started begging already.

      Thanks a lot for letting me know.

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      1. It is probably my fault, but he kept pestering me with these questions about my life and although it is not private and I am not anonymous, they were a bit personal and I told him that I would be happy to share if he would do the same.

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      2. No no. It’s not your fault. I read your post too. He didnt go because of this. He does sort of get afraid if anyone asks anything. I dont know anything about him either.

        It’s not your fault. He isnt well maybe he wanted a break. His blog is there. He will come back.

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