Marla mode on.

I did something weird.

Well not precisely weird. But I was trying to up my poetry game a little.

So I was hunting for fancy words and phrases in great literary works to find some expressions to add to my poems.

And it turned out to be the most idiotic mistake so far.

It was like plucking roses and trying press them into barbed wires..well sadly rose studded barb wires might look pretty..

It was like.. umm.. bananas on pizza?!?!

THAT hideous

It was terrible terrible attempt..

So I threw my Shakespearean hat and switched my Marla-mode on again.

Remember marla from fight club?

Marla is epitome of ultimate bad-assery.. in my mind at least. Not marla the character, marla the concept.

Because I can’t be shakespearean. I am pretty fucking Poeish 

I don’t know where I am going with all of this I hope you all are getting my point.

So, I have my marla mode back on

With food. because, fuck dieting and gyming and everything healthy.

It’s a messy impulsive dark artistic process so let it be!

 And fuck all the white black blue purple sales.. where I am gonna hoard all the stuff anyways.

So, I am all set now! 

Just had to update you guys on the mood switch.

Love you all for the love and support 🤗

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