How bad is your coffee addiction??

Today i challenged myself and failed miserably.

For some stupid reason I thought i can function without my morning coffee and i have never been this wrong about myself. Ever!

Half of the day I was a zombified lazy pigeon. Just buried in my bed counting imaginary stars and convincing myself I deserve this break.

Untill I realized it’s not a break. It’s a mistake. An overestimation of my strength.

And underestimation of coffee addiction.

It took just one cup.

A medium size cup because I was 5 6 different sizes so the perfect one is somewhere in the middle.

So, it took I cup coffee to turn me into a walking talking functioning (not biting) zombie.

Never getting into such stupid challenges again.


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47 thoughts on “How bad is your coffee addiction??

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  1. I abhor coffee, my vice is caffeinated, carbonated beverages like soda. I think I once managed a week without cracking but these days, I try to get a fix a couple times a week. Otherwise, I start feeling all Hulk Smash-y. And while the caffeine is what is addictive, I find the carbonation my true vice. I can drink cup after cup of Tetley British blend tea and it’s like, meh, need…fizzy…stuff.

    I wish I liked coffee, the world is much kinder to coffee addicts than it is to soda junkies πŸ˜‰

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    1. hush smash-y lol.

      I had a hate phase towards coffee when I suddenly fell seriously ill on an exam day and all I had that day was coffee. I actually started getting scared of it . but then the love made a come back with full force and coffee got darker and richer and more addictive than ever.

      I try to avoid fizzy drinks but somehow end up having 2-3 times a week.

      world isn’t kind to anyone anyways πŸ˜†


  2. I don’t care for the taste (nor smell) of coffee myself. I’m actually quite glad because I think if I did I would be a coffee addict as well. Needing it to function even a little bit every morning. Stopping at a Starbucks or, here, Tim Hortons or wherever to get my fix. I think I’d be right there next to ya πŸ™‚


    1. I am same about coffee the way I am about shoes..or maybe I’m like that about everything..
      For me it’s good coffee or very very shitty coffee which sends me into explosive rage (not even kidding)

      Well. I don’t know about there but here Tim hortons served the worst coffee I ever had. Never went there after that.

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      1. It’s very….fast food coffee I guess? I don’t know. I’ve sipped coffee maybe…3 times in my life and I’ve hated it. My wife gets frappacino’s and whenever they have shots of coffee in it she says she can’t even taste it and its the only thing I taste. I just can’t.

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      2. Yeah that’s perfect description. It’s fast food coffee.
        Ahahha I am actually surprised people can hate coffee. I mean how is that even possible? What about coffee flavoured cakes or something. Is it coffee or coffee flavour. I am confused

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  3. I am pleased I don’t have a coffee addiction. I actually can’t stand the stuff, or the smell of it. But I do have to start the day with a strong cup of tea (proper tea not that herbal stuff) and If I go too long without one I get a slight headache and start to feel irritable. So maybe I’m addicted after all. πŸ™‚

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  4. My kids make fun of me…they know I’m super grumpy without it. A few days ago I met one of the nicest coffee machines in a very unexpected place…the hospital. I have a photo of it in my latest Thanksgiving post if you want to see it.
    Have a nice day and enjoy your coffee!!

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