Shopping challenges..

If you trip at the mall me it’s a certified bad omen!!

I have to go back home that means I HAVE to face this challenge we call shopping.

And when you have a big family you feel you are buying inventory for a store of your own.

And by big I mean BIG!

honestly i dont even know the exact number of family members anymore. No kidding. I should be ashamed.

So shopping involves asking them on texts and calls what they want.

Then send them pictures from websites to make sure you are not getting something wrong.

Then you do a bit of live coverage from the mall too.

Like “I am at mall. I wont come again. I have to pack. So it’s now or never. Tell me if you want anything else.”

I have literally entertained last moment requests too. And then you run at the airport… yea done that too..a few times..

The biggest challenge was getting a perfume for my brother. His precise yet vague specifications just made the whole test more challenging.

And if I get this wrong.. he wont come to pick me from airport. And if somehow I manage to get home he wont let me in..

Imagine the pressure..

My nephew says he wants prayers.. so that’s what he’s gonna get. ‘Prayers’ written on a piece or paper! Because this 10 year old need to stop behaving like a 100 year old.

My bff gave me her list when I already had covered half of the mall.. so I think we are going to do that wierd thing we do since childhood. Sharing our stuff. Like here is my stuff choose what you like.

Pro tip: don’t go for gift that come in different sizes. No matter how many measuring tapes you carry the flips flops are never going to be the right size. My siblings are shape and size shifters. I don’t understand how it’s always the wrong size. Like do they even have a right size??

My niece is not getting hatchimals. Last time this left half of my family with some sort of minor nail injury. And scary part it pushed my bro to a point where he was infuriated and screamed “break this shit! What’s inside? Tell me what’s inside?? Why it’s not opening??’

That’s when we decided he won’t be allowed in labour room whenever he is having kids. Lessons learned early on…

So yeah.. and then you keep an eye own your cart even when you are dining somewhere. You know what you ordered right. The food fill be fine.. it’s inventory for your human werehouse that you need to keep an eye on..

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35 thoughts on “Shopping challenges..

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  1. I hate clothes and shoe shopping for myself, but used to start my Crimble shopping in August to spread the cost. I’d wrap and label early, so that come Christmas, I;d probably forgotten what I’d bought everyone and so it was a surprise to me too! Just going to be us and the dog this year. Lovely.

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      1. For years people thought we were serious when we said that after we’d dropped off all the presents on Christmas Eve, we’d stick a notice on the door saying ‘We’ve wished you a Merry Christmas, now go away’ and hibernate for two days!

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      1. Lego!! O God whoever invented those had never walked on something that could hurt.
        Even thought I start playing with legos the moment I see them but once you step on them… you question why do they even exist.


      2. Legos were not meant for floors. Yes, I too play with them longer than I need to. Amazing how something so small can lead to that much pain. Another toy hazard: hotwheels. I know a lady who slipped on it and hurt her back.

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      1. Yes. That’s what it is. It’s mostly stuff that’s not available there or not certain type of quality. Or just things I know they like. Some snacks are so soo cheap but they love em. I do the same when I get there. Stuff myself with local food.
        So yea things like that..
        Can’t wait 🙂

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