Be a better human

Ever been so hopeless for the world that you know anything you do will never be appriciated, let alone rewarded.

Even worse people might take your efforts for granted.

Whatever you do will be forgotten tomorow.

And there are some people you just have to pay in bad for good. It’s insane. When you be kind to them they show their worst form.

That sad moment when you are sitting on the verge of giving up but you can’t.

Something inside you can’t let you be mean to them because they were to you.

You know the entire chain of reaction. You will do good but will go unappriciated and in your worst moments nobody will help you or even remember what you did.

Something inside you can’t let you be mean to them because they were to you.

Or you have fear guilt.

In the moment like that just listen to your heart and don’t expect any return.

Sit down and ask yourself is it going to give me happiness?? Will I earn any form of peace??

If answer is yes just do it. Reminding yourself you are doing it because this makes you happy.

It’s a weird weird werid weird world.

Don’t expect everyone to be like you.

But on any giving day you will be above them for being a better human.

Don’t regret being a better human.

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15 thoughts on “Be a better human

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  1. It seems that everything I do is going without notice. At least I am doing something that makes me happy, and I try to notice others. We spoke about this one. I coined a saying “You can change the world only if you inspire change within yourself”. I hold on for that. It’s the same as “Lead by an example”.

    I keep making stories because that makes me happy. I do it for myself. Someone will notice them eventually.

    I got a new video on my YouTube if you want to watch it. Take care, Commander Alyana.


    1. I will go check it for sure.

      You have got to keep trying. I tried hundreds of things and I felt I’m not getting anywhere and then suddenly I see 1 little speck of hope and hold on it. It’s a struggle. It’s not easy and it’s very exhausting but what else can you do?

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      1. Hmm, what can we do? Well, I learned to be self-sufficient. I work for myself, not looking for the approval of others.

        And I am trying. Maybe I am doing something wrong. I doubt in myself, but only to get better. It’s all about finding that golden thread and when you find the right formula, you just keep doing that.

        And yeah, always, but always, do some experiments. If it fails, you have the old option that still works for you.

        I am glad we understand each other so well, even we are so far apart and from different cultures. ๐Ÿ˜€ It makes me happy. ๐Ÿ˜€

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      2. I think most of us are experimenting with there lives and it’s amazing because we have taste of a lot of different things. In past 2 3 years I have done experiments that I didn’t do do before and most of them didnt work but the ones worked are my lifeline.

        Never stop trying. And never doubt yourself.

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      3. Didnโ€™t I doubt in things the last two years?! Sure did. Moved, started online business, bought house..who knew it will be all good. But rebooting made some doubts in the beginning. We just went on. We just have to go on. Rebooted writing too. Am I heavily visited, read!? Far from. But I enjoy crafting the poetries, sarcastic opinions and whatnot else. That satisfaction is a reward on itself.

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      4. I love your writing style and appritiate your comments. I am glad your trials were successful. Rebooted is scary to be honest. I will always develope solid ground before I go into a reboot scenario, which I’m constantly trying to build. And every little step counts.

        Dont count visits. I don’t get the traffic I should be getting mostly because my priority is privacy. But I know a small number of people actually read which is rewarding.

        Yes. The satisfaction of being able to Express yourself is priceless ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. I’ve found that the pressure of trying to be a better person tires me out as someone is always going to be better than me at something. So the new goal is to aim to be a better version of myself. As long as I see improvements in my behavior and thought processes over time, I know I am on the right track..And being a better version of me does make me feel somewhat happy-ish.

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