Been busy with family lately.

Not really with work or something but occupied in a nice way. Just surrounded with love and comfort.

Talking laughing crying.

Dad is doing great! I mean its unbelievable. When I was coming here I was thinking about hundreds of things but everyone took such great care of him and kept his treatment comfort and him their top priority. It has done wonders.

Today he was smiling and laughing alot. And there is nothing more calming than seeing your parents smile and laugh specially when they have been through a lot.

Losses jolt families and break their roots. If you stand by each other you all survive. You get hurt and it takes effort and sacrifice. But you all do survive.

If you turn you back on each other the damage is far worse.

We all lost something will never get. But circumstances open your eyes.

We know we all have to fight our battles alone. And we know how bloody our battles are.

We all know real faces of everyone.

And we know where to put our energies.

People show their worst face when they know you are helpless and if you survive that…they are screwed.

Make sure you have a bag full of caramel popcorns and watch the karma show!

Things aren’t okay under the surface. But at least we are smiling right now.

I miss you all a little..

Always know that i truelly appriciate your presence in my life.

Love you guys.

Take care ๐Ÿ™‚


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