Emotionally Exhausting Day

What a rollercoaster ride today has been.

It’s 1.40 am here and I was talking to dad because he can’t sleep. I couldn’t tell him I know this feeling too well.

We talked about a lot of things. Told him about how your thoughts push us into a spiral to a helpless point but I couldn’t tell him I know this spiral too well.

I was nodding and saying hmm hmm on autopilot when I wanted to scream and cry.

I couldn’t tell him unfortunately I have been made to walk over his footstep by fate. It’s not even my fault.

I couldn’t tell him we need to stop being so hard on ourself we have every right to live on our own term we don’t have to succumb to worldly pressures. I couldn’t say all of this because it’s too late.

I felt like I am standing at dead end in my own life. I couldn’t tell him about the pain helplessness anxiety my episodes of depression my suicide ideations, I couldn’t tell him anything.

Because we can’t lose him.

Today was his appointment with neurologist and his psychiatrist.

His psychiatrist is such an amazing man. I can’t thank God enough for sending him for our help.

I wanted to ask him a few things but not in dad’s presence. But I was afraid of going to see him without informing dad so I waited.

When the appointment was almost over I asked dad if I can talk to the doctor for 5 minutes.

He hesitated for a minute and then said you can ask right now. I understood he won’t like me talking to the doctor in his absence.

I asked him if dad’s condition is bipolar-1 or bipolar-2. He said it’s bipolar 2 with the explanation of both.

Somewhere during the meeting dad said “i am afraid” and doctor said “fear is a driving force, it can motivate you to work on yourself” so my next question was “won’t fear shoot up anxiety and make everything worse?”. He gave an explanation for that too. It’s about a balance.

Anything else I wanted to know he was addressing already. I wanted to talk about cognitive behavioural therapy but I felt it wasn’t separately required as whatever therapy this doctor was doing seemed to be working.

I told him I had to talk about CBT but you got that covered already I guess. He explained that part too.

He provides some training in UAE too. He said they have a day for friends and family so I might attend that.

But I couldn’t say anything about myself. 

I was really satisfied and relieved about dad.

But part of me was having a meltdown inside.

Part of me wants to give up everyday. But some part still keeps fighting. And some part is just numb.

Such an emotionally exhausting day.


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28 thoughts on “Emotionally Exhausting Day

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  1. It is so hard to care for and about others when you need the same care. Be good to you. Take care of you. Hiding yourself from your dad – does it help? It may help him to know you really do understand!

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  2. In the Slavic lands, people just kick you and say: Snap out of it.

    That can translate to: Keep fighting. Don’t give up.

    In a way, there is no better advice than that. In the end, we fight our own problems and our own demons. It’s up to us if we win or lose. I know you are not the one to put down your hands and wait for the next punch. That’s not you, even if you keep telling me you don’t want to punch things when I tell you to. You keep fighting. Stick to it. That is your salvation.

    Take care and please try to have SOME fun during your day. Hugs and kisses for you Alyana the Flower of the desert. 😀

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  3. We often put our loved one’s needs ahead of our own, but that is never beneficial to us. Perhaps you might consider making an appointment with the doctor for yourself. Or maybe one of his partners to avoid conflict. It’s important for you to take care of you first. If not, you won’t be able to take care of everyone else. Hang in there, DP. Better days ahead ❤

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  4. Bless you sweetie. I would say something meaningful but I hated it when people did that to me when I was depressed.

    I just wanted to scream, “Do you think I want to be this way? I’m not not being strong because I don’t want to be!”

    It’s just hard.

    I will say, “take care and get some rest when you you can.”


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