Metamorphosis kind of a change..

I had been walking for a long time.

I am sure my footsteps at the beginning of the journey must have been swept away by now, even if they were in wet soil.

i was walking past the regrets and resentments.

The sole of my shoes had lost texture and flattened thin.

I was lumbering like I didn’t have to chase time, time didn’t have to chase me.

I wiped my forehead with my hand and some dry flakes of skin clung to my fingers like bread crumbs.

Whoah I am shedding skin, soft shards of immature promises shattered by time. Mostly the ones i made to myself.

I was changing and it wasn’t renewal kind of a change, it was metamorphosis kind of a change.

I was turning into something I have never been and for the first time I wasn’t afraid of the change.

I had embraced the process.

A fearless smile plastered on my face.

In that moment if a bear would attack me out of nowhere, I am pretty sure I would smile at him too.

I was mildly ecstatic and yet teary eyed, I don’t know why. And I didn’t bother to find out.

I was rising above the darkness.

Soon, the sky started smiling in validation.


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  1. Oooooooookkkkkk….Well, that was fantastic reading. By the way, as I haven’t been on WP lately: a happy 2019, full of joy and success!


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