Please help me – urgent reblog!

a member of our blog family is in great distress and she is seeking help from all of us.

can you please show some love to her??

its urgent

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      1. I never take chance with that matter… If someone needs help, I am glad to send good vibes, comforting words and warm hugs, even if I don’t know them personally 🙂 Thank you again for sharing her cry for help… I hope you get good news soon!


  1. I appreciate absolutely everyone who commented and reached out.
    I’m currently seeking help and care.
    I’m made an emergency appointment with my local gp. I’m not in a good environment at the moment and slowly leaving.
    Thank you all so much.

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    1. Thank God!!
      Please keep emergency numbers handy. We don’t know where you live keep helpline numbers where they are visible.

      I would recommend you go to a friend or call one it’s not a good time to be on your own. We all are here virtually but you need someone to be present with you there.

      You are never alone and you are precious to many. Like all of us.

      A lot of us have been in your place.


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  2. I honestly don’t have the right words, but I’m sure my precious wife will, so I have shared this with her. Continue your obvious strength and I’m sure you will find the help and life you and your child need. You have taken this step, and I see that as a very good thing! Kev

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    1. I think she hasn’t modified comments in moderation. I did tell her about that through contact form. Will write a comment too. I was hoping I an not getting on her nerve with msgs and all.
      Things look better on her blog at least.
      Blogging community is unbelievably amazing! Like they jump to help you.

      I just try. Cant do anything without you guys.


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