Exhausted..like a millionth time..

Ever been so exhausted that you start crying.

You are not hurt. You are tired of pretending that you are invincible.

I had a mentally draining day today. Not that anyone tried to hurt me or something it wasn’t a bad day. But it still ended up turning bad because of shitty behaviour of some people.

And I told myself .. i don’t care what they do, I am fine. I bottled up inside for 4 hours.

It kept boiling inside untill I couldn’t take it and I wrote to a friend “I feel like crying”

With that there were tears streaming down. I tried to suppress again as I didn’t want sis to see.

All of this became too unbearable and I went to bathroom to cry. Even though I didn’t sit there for hours. But allowing myself to ugly cry for good 5 minutes helped wash the toxins considerably.

I don’t say I’m 100% fine. Some people are just assholes and their purpose on earth is to hurt others. No matter how strong you act a point comes you break.

You have to let yourself vent and cry. It’s unfair to your own self.

Give yourself some time and space. Allow yourself to react even if you do it alone.

And then decide what to do about people like that..

Kindly visit my post Warriors Invited To Raise Mental Health Awareness where I am inviting Mental Health Warriors to submit their blog’s address so that we can join hands to control this wildfire.

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20 thoughts on “Exhausted..like a millionth time..

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  1. Ah, the benefits of the ugly cry. Of course, it’s so easy for me to write this, not so easy to allow myself to engage in ugly crying. I am, however, glad that your good cry released the pent-up toxins and allowed you to feel (marginally) better. Arseholes are always lurking, but you know who’s on your side…

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  2. Oh how well I know this feeling! You can only keep it inside for so long, then something really silly can trigger the flow.
    Hurtful words and accusations were always coming my way but I never gave them the satisfaction of seeing me cry, but in private? Best to leave me alone and get myself sorted. Their own time will come as I believe in karma.

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    1. I hold back alot just so that I don’t give them satisfaction to see me cry. I look pretty strong and heartless at times but I just dont cry in front of people like that.
      Alone or with friends is different story.
      I believe in karma too, but sometimes I think you should 100% depend on karma.


      1. The favourite was goading me into an argument or putting me down in front of her friends. I stopped rising to the bait and turned my back. More recently it had been half truths to make her look good, but I’m done with all that now.

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